The process

Step One
Cleaning & Cleansing
Step Two
Planning and Preparation
Step Three
Removing Swirls and Light Scratches
Step Four
Refining the Mirror Finish
Step Five
Applying Paint Protection

Preparation & Planning for Car Paint Correction

Prior to performing a Paint Correction, a meticulous preparation process is required. The first step is to thoroughly clean and purify the paintwork to achieve an accurate evaluation of its current condition. Following this, we will measure the clear coat on each panel, which directly affects the depth of the finish. This precise measurement determines the amount of clear coat we have to work with, enabling us to deliver exceptional results.

Exterior Decontamination
Sensitive areas masked up
Multiple Cutting Stages
Multiple Polishing Stages
Second Wash and Cleanse
Paintwork Prepped for Protection
Ceramic Coating or Wax applied
Mirror Finish Result

the outcome


Looking your best

This refers to the ‘wow’ factor. After your vehicle has had our Paint Correction treatment, the level of gloss and depth is intoxicating. In most cases our customers tell us that even when they had the car from new, it never looked that good.

Defect free results

Removing heavy swirl marks and light scratches can be a pain staking, time consuming exercise. On average we spend up to 20+ hours polishing one vehicle. We will stop at nothing to deliver the best defect free finish.

Enhanced gloss and shine

This is the result of hours and hours of levelling down paintwork. The smoother and cleaner your paintwork is, the more light can refract and reveal that mirror finish.


The icing on the cake. There is no use getting a Paint Correction and not protecting the incredible finish.

As well as enhancing the already ‘wet look’, applying paint protection Melbourne to your vehicle preserves the finish for years to come.


Jason Hynek
Great guy, knows his stuff - Strongly recommend him, Don't waste your money on anyone else.
Lance Warren
MFD was referred to me by a friend and after reading the reviews and seeing the pics of the finished work i decided to give him a go. I tell you what, i am glad i did. Amazing job on my BMW 550i, looks better than new. Highly recommend and will be using again.
Tim Heng
Bought my 2005 Boxter 987S 12 months ago and she never looked better after matty did his magic. Looks brand new. The paint work looks incredibly deep. Thanks matt

Why Protect?

Anti-adhesion technology repels dirt and keeps your car clean. Moreover residual, ingrained dirt and any other contaminents simply glide off your vehicle.