Ceramic Coating

from 2500

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Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary automotive treatment that applies a protective layer of advanced polymers to your vehicle's exterior. This nanotechnology-infused coating forms a hard, durable shield that repels water, dirt, and contaminants, significantly reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Beyond its protective qualities, Ceramic Coating enhances the paint's depth and gloss, giving your car a stunning, lasting shine. It's an investment in maintaining your vehicle's appearance and resale value, offering years of defense against the elements and everyday wear. Ideal for those seeking the ultimate in vehicle protection and aesthetics, Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking showroom fresh.

Paint Protection

from $1,100

Brief Description

Whether you have just bought a new vehicle or are restoring a classiccar Paint Protection Melbourne is essential.
Paint Cleansing Treatment
Single Stage Correction
Ceramic Paint Protection
Wheel/Brake Protection
Interior Protection

Paint Correction

from $1,300

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At Mirror Finish Detail, we are dedicated perfectionists. You won't be talking to a secretary or customer service representative when you contact us - only experienced car detailing professionals. Contact us for the best in car detailing services.
Paint Cleansing Treatment
Multiple Polishing stages
Removal of Swirls Marks
Removal of Light Scratches
High Grade Wax Protection

Window Tinting

from $450

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MFD offers the latest in UV protection Window Films. Make sure your family is protected from harmful IR rays.
UV Protection
IR Protection
Ceramic Films
Lifetime Warranty
Installation Warranty

Paint-less dent removal

from From $120

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