The process

Step One
Cleaning & Cleansing
Step Two
Planning and Preparation
Step Three
Removing Swirls and Light Scratches
Step Four
Refining The Mirror Finish
Step Five
Applying Paint Protection

Perfect Protection

Whether you have just bought a new vehicle or are restoring something old, Paint Protection is essential. With so many different Protective Coatings on the market, its easy to get confused as to what to choose. For us at Mirror Finish Detail we believe that Ceramic Paint Coatings are superior to anything else. It offers a hard surface finish that protects against environmental fall out, bird acid, tree sap, whilst remaining easy to maintain.

Exterior Decontamination
Sensitive areas masked up
Multiple Polishing Stages
Second Wash and Cleanse
Paintwork Prepped and Protected
Wheels and brakes Protected
Interior Trims and Fabric Protected
Mirror Finish Result

the outcome


Driving Confidence

Now that your vehicle is protected, those pesky swirls and scratches will no longer be a feature of your car. You can now confidently enjoy driving around without the worry of harming your prestine paintwork.


Ben Hepenstall
Matt was a pleasure to deal with, Knowledgeable and results left me speechless. Cant recommend his services enough.
Ian Allison
Matt did an awesome job on my week old merchant. Looks better than it did a week ago. Outstanding and very happy !
Abe Khoury
Excellent prompt service, good quality clean, photos came up immaculate. Would recommend 100%

Why Protect?

Anti-adhesion technology repels dirt and keeps your car clean. Moreover residual, ingrained dirt and any other contaminents simply glide off your vehicle.