The process

Step One
Cleaning & Cleansing
Step two
Measure & Cut Film
Step Three
Apply Film
Step Four
Perfect Finish

Protection For Your Interior

At Mirror Finish Detail, we go above and beyond to ensure the perfect installation of our high quality ceramic window tint in Melbourne. Before applying any tints, we take the time to clean and prepare your windows so that you can enjoy long lasting, effective results with a lifetime warranty. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, we can get the job done right and apply ceramic window tint that protects your car’s interior and provides safety for you, your family and all of your passengers.

UV Protection
IR Protection
Ceramic Films
Lifetime Warranty
Installation Warranty

The Benefits


Superior Protection

When your car is exposed to direct sunlight, our ceramic window tint in Melbourne provides the highest level of protection possible and keeps your family protected from dangerous UV rays.


Daniel Pearce
Awesome job mate ! Couldn't recommend you highly enough !
Ben Teo
Thank you matt for a wonderful job on my car. It came up so much better than what the dealership could do . 10/10 !

Why Protect?

Our ceramic window tint in Melbourne comes with anti-adhesion technology, repelling dirt and keeping your car clean. It also provides protection against UV rays and infrared heat, keeping your car cooler and shielding you, your family and your car’s interior from sun damage.