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mfd5We are perfectionists. When you contact Mirror Finish Detail, you get someone who is experienced as detailing cars- not a secretary or a customer service representative. An experienced professional. Car Detailing Melbourne


mfd6Who else is going to measure the paintjob to determine that it is the correct depth before polishing? Who else will give the same level of care to paintwork you will probably never see, as they would the rest of the vehicle?

Performance and Luxury Combined

The Acura RL has been part of the Acura line of products since 1996 and it has so far lasted all the way through 2012. The 2009 through 2012 models of the Acura share most of the same features, and all have been rated at four to five stars. The Acura RL is a four-door sedan that boasts a family-friendly design, all-wheel drive, and 24 miles to the gallon. The model features a 300 horsepower 3.7-liter V-Tec 6-cylinder engine for power with a luxury touch. Enhanced handling features come standard with options, such as the Collision Mitigation Braking System, available at an extra cost via Car Detailing Melbourne.

Behind The Doors
On the inside at Car Detailing Melbourne, the Acura RL offers creature comforts and entertainment options for the consumer. A Bose sound system comes standard in the RL. It is an integrated Bose Surround Sound System, which means it provides surround sound quality inside of the vehicle.

The vehicles sound system supplies 260 watts of power via an 8-channel digital amplifier to ten acoustically positioned speakers. This new sedan provides individual climate controls. The driver and the passenger can adjust heating or cooling settings independently of one another to allow each person a personalized comfort level via Car Detailing Melbourne.

Dual 8-position power seats add to this by allowing the consumer to be in relaxed, reclined, or upright positions as desired. The Car Detailing Melbourne standard leather seats add a final touch for both the visual and touch senses.

A Look Below
Under the Car Detailing Melbourne hood there is a double wishbone front suspension with front, center and rear limited slip differential to provide control in handling. The vehicle comes standard with electronic stability control and electronic traction control.

The electronic stability control will sense loss of traction and compensate to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle in wet conditions resulting from accumulation of snow, rain, or ice on the ground. The cars electronic stability control will adjust braking to individual tires as needed or reduce engine power to achieve this goal. The electronic traction control works much in the same manner as the electronic stability control.

The electronic stability control works as a secondary aspect of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and can apply brakes to one or more wheels or reduce engine power to help the driver maintain control of the Acura RL in slippery road conditions. Other safety features on the Acura RL Car Detailing Melbourne include multi-point airbags, autosensing lights, child seat anchors, and more.

The Big Picture at Car Detailing Melbourne
The car is a well-rounded vehicle for a variety of consumers. It will provide safety as a family vehicle with its standard safety features, five passengers seating, and spacious cargo-toting trunk, while giving the family entertainment and style.

For the consumer desiring power and performance, the 2012 Acura RL uses is 300 horsepower 271 ft-lbs of torque to get consumers to their location in speedy fashion all while providing gas mileage of up to 24 mpg. Along the way the performance concerned consumer will have the quality sound and body style to keep them looking and sounding good. New Acura RL will meet performance, style, or entertainment needs at Car Detailing Melbourne.

Article brought to you by Car Detailing Melbourne. Even on a popular luxy vehicle like this replacement parts can get very expensive. For affordable replacement stock Acura RL wheels check us out.

Bentley Azure

I drove a $330,000 Bentley Azure and it was magnificent. If I have to use a metaphor I’d equate the experience to spooning with Heidi Klum at Car Detailing Melbourne.

There are two kinds of cars. Those that make you forget that you’re driving and those that make the driving experience exciting. A Lexus is a wonderful car. It’s luxurious and pleasing, but like a visit to the hypnotist, a snap of the fingers and the whole experience is forgotten. In other words a Lexus is the perfect place to have a coma.

A Porsche is exciting and involving. There’s engine noise, snug seats, dark cockpits, throttle response and thick-rimmed steering wheels. It’s masculine and electrifying.Coincidentally, the average Lexus owner is 59 while the average Porsche owner is a 40-year-old male college graduate with an income of over $200,000.

The Bentley Azure is the first car I’ve ever driven that amazingly straddles both categories. From the Car Detailing Melbourne exterior the Big B is large, nearly 18 feet long, but inconspicuous, and attracts attention only from those that know cars. With a pull, the solid door swings open to reveal a feast for the eyes. My pupils fall first to a wide door sill and then to the thick, blue-pile carpet, emblazoned with the flying B emblem. The calming cream-colored leather and mirrored wood invites me in. From the driver’s seat, it’s an overwhelming dazzle of sparkles and leather and lusciousness everywhere.The deeply chrome-plated buttons and switches pop like paparazzi bulbs and every millimeter of surface area is covered in something sumptuous. From the leather headliner to the natural wood dash, it is all top-shelf.I think the first words out of my mouth were “Wow, there’s so much to look at.”

With a push of the “Start” button on the center console, the engine spools to life at a low hum. I delicately pressed the throttle, not sure what this twin-turbo, 450hp beast will do. Lunge? Launch? Nope. It just pulls away slowly. Kinda like a Car Detailing Melbourne boat, which it is (3065kg or ahem, 6000 pounds!). The car is an elegant boulevard cruiser, rock solid and calmingly quiet.

Top up, you’d never know there was any other way to have it; however, its clear that this was meant to be a top down car. Press a button while in Park and the triple-thick top kinks and folds under a leather deck lid cover. At 80 mph on the freeway there’s no need to raise your voice for a conversation. The best part: The A/C was on, then when the top dropped, the heater kicked in to keep the temperature the same. Sweeeeet.

Up to this point, the car’s opulence and elegance is impressive. Then I realized that the gas pedal has some more travel left Fast sports cars shove you into your seat. In a Porsche Turbo, you feel the impression you make in the tense cushion when you hit the gas. The Bentley leans into you like a linebacker. I floored it on the freeway. The six-speed automatic kicked down, and the motors sound shifted from a distant burble to a distant vrooooom at Car Detailing Melbourne.

But the power…. The power grows with each foot forward and never stops. The car is a leather-clad freight train! Normally a car at full throttle will hit some kind of peak and stop pulling so hard, but the Bentley just pulled and pulled with enormous amounts of torque. I could feel myself being pushed back more and more as I went faster and faster. I’ve never been in a car that just continues to accelerate and pull. Later looking at the Car Detailing Melbourne stats, the Bentley boasts 645lb-ft of torque. For comparison that’s having more than 5 Honda Civics on tap at your right toenail and explains what I felt.

Done with a freeway sprint, it’s back to casual class. Pull into a safe parking spot, watch the top whir and whistle back into position and press the “Start” button to turn the engine off. Then appreciate that you just parked a Car Detailing Melbourne machine worth more than the average American home. The car was truly amazing to drive.

It coddles at every seam and blazes with chromed bling from Car Detailing Melbourne, but with space shuttle power abound its a thoroughbred. The Azure is an ultimate cruiser, spanning the chasm between coma-like comforts and driving excitement. Most importantly the Bentley leaves you with a memorable and enjoyable experience. It is simply beautiful, just like we are at Car Detailing Melbourne.

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Do-It-Yourself Car Maintenance Tips Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is one of the rigors of owning a car polish. Having it checked by an auto repairman will entail a lot of costs on your part like ceramic paint protection. The truth of the matter is that car maintenance like can be a do-it-yourself venture. Fore more car detailing prices visit us today. There are some things that you can do yourself to avoid the inconvenience brought about by your car overheating or having a flat tire in the middle of the road. Here are some initial checks that you can undertake even without the help of a mechanic or auto repairman from mobile car detailing sydney Check The Radiator Flush Your car polish radiator can be subjected to wear and tear so it requires regular maintenance and ceramic paint protection of your car polish. Problems with your radiator can lead to corrosion and cooling problems. Checking your radiator flush at least once a year is cheaper than radiator repair from mobile car detailing sydney Replace Air Filter Your car polish air filter should be replaced at least two times a year. This will only take around five minutes of your time. If you drive 20,000 to 30,000 miles on the expressway, your car’s air filter may be good for one to two months in a rural town where the roads are usually made from gravel. Get car detailing prices quotes today. If you are driving in the city, changing your air filter every 15,000 miles may just keep your car polish going. So how do you know when the air filter already needs to be replaced? If it is already caked with dirt, then that is the right time to change the air filter or mobile car detailing sydney. Check Your Tires Your car polish tires will be subjected to different kinds of weather conditions so the tread on your tires should be appropriate for the weather. This will only take you around a minute. It may also be fitting to check the pressure. Generally, the more air you put on the tire, the rounder and firmer it becomes. More car detailing prices or visit our site now. Change Your Windshield Wipers The need to replace your windshield wiper or ceramic paint protection will be more felt during the winter when the conditions make using the wiper useless. The best time to replace them is during summer time. Sadly, we always forget to change them and remember to do so only when it starts raining or snow starts to pour get tips from mobile car detailing sydney Check Brakes Safety should always be your priority especially when driving with your family. Inspecting your brakes two times a year will be enough. Maintaining your ceramic paint protection and brake involves replacing the pads and rotors and making sure that there is enough fluid to make sure that the brakes will work perfectly get your best car detailing prices here today. These car polish maintenance tips can help you save up the costs of bringing your vehicle into a shop to have it checked by a mechanic like ceramic paint protection.