About our Melbourne Paint Protection Services

Our range of paint protection services in Melbourne have been developed with cutting edge techniques with the sole purpose of protecting your vehicle’s paint against chipping, abrasions, scratches and ultraviolet rays.

Our patented coating technology makes it easier to clean your vehicle, since dirt will not stick to the paint very well. Your car can look young forever.

You Can Protect Your Car’s Paint with Our Process

The heat reactive layer provides powerful protection.

The protective film safeguards the paintwork.

Anti-adhesion technology repels dirt and keeps the car clean.

Simple application process leaves behind no visible creases or signs of the vinyl covering.

This removes all residual, ingrained dirt and any imperfections. This includes bug splatters, bird droppings, pollution, chemical and petrol spills as well as water spots. It will also strip away any old wax build-up.

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Our Warranty

The warranty for our paint protection process applies to all aspects of this product and our full range of services and products that are used to protect your car’s paint.

The warranty begins as soon as you purchase our protective service. You’ll be given an invoice as proof of warranty, and it covers all cracking and yellowing of the product.

Who We Are

In the field of self-adhesive vinyl for vehicle marking and protection, we are leading the way. We are recognized as experts in the industry, and we can give your car the beautiful look and superior protection it requires.

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