Big Banana – Wash & Wax


Mirror Finish Big Banana Wash & Wax Car Wash Shampoo Specially formulated by MFD to loosen dirt and grime, minimising the risk of scratching your paint.

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Additional Information
Technical Information

Additional Information

Mirror Finish Detail – Big Banana Car Wash Shampoo


You know the guy, we have all got one!
He’s a top bloke, the centrepiece of every group, the guy that will help at the drop of a hat.
Dependable, fun, harmless and the first to give your missus a big, long, awkward hug that goes on for 20 seconds too long.
He’s a big banana and you love him for it.

Just like old mate big banana, MFD BIG BANANA Wash & Wax is the centrepiece of our car cleaning squad.
The ultimate car wash shampoo, BIG BANANA is a specifically formulated Ph neutral wash with 100% Carnauba wax!
Big Banana provides maximum gloss and protection that is always ready for action.

Specially formulated by MFD to loosen dirt and grime, minimising the risk of scratching your paint, so it’s slicker than snot on a doorknob. Not only that, but BIG BANANA contains deep cleaning agents that produce a superior gloss, that lasts for weeks afterwards, just like old mates’ hugs.

The more you work BIG BANANA the deeper the gloss.

Technical Information


High pressure rinse the car with MFD FROTH IT! foam solution, in conjunction with MFD FUN GUN foam lance to remove loose dirt.

Let FROTH IT! sit for a few minutes and rinse vehicle with fresh water.

Use one part BIG BANANA with five parts water, in conjunction with FUN GUN foam lance, to spray vehicle till fully covered.

Using a wet MFD ENDY (lambs wool mitt), lather the car in sections, rinsing the mitt in the MFD POSEIDON wash bucket.

Rinse off BIG BANANA.

Spray vehicle surface with MFD NANOSHELL ceramic
sealant spray.

Dry with an MFD HELIX towel.

( Two Bucket Method)

Fill one bucket with BIG BANANA and another with fresh water.

Alternate between washing and rinsing one panel at a time.

Dry with HELIX towel.

Precautionary statement

Keep out of reach of Children

Not to be taken internally

First Aid

If swallowed: Rinse mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting.
If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and accessible.

Call a 131 126 POISON CENTRE or doctor / physician if you feel unwell or condition persists

Hazard Statements

H303 May be harmful is swallowed
H316 Causes mild skin irritation
H320 Causes eye irritation

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