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Bio Guard Antibacterial Spray Sanitiser


Did you know your car can prove to be a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms?

Our hands are in daily contact with various pathogens which fester and breed, and which get transferred onto car surfaces, specifically touch points, such as the steering wheel, gears selector, door handles, seat belts and in car entertainment systems.

That is why the team at MFD created Bio Guard antibacterial spray sanitiser.

A unique full-strength professional formula containing <12% Quaternary Ammonium compound.

A safe and clean sanitiser made from a proprietary blend of non hazardous, non-stripping materials for optimal bacteria protection.

Bio Guard antibacterial sanitiser is safe to use on fabrics and plastics in vehicles.
Simply spray affected areas and wipe down to keep yourself and your family protected.

Bio Guard can also be used as an all-purpose sanitiser around the home, on upholstery, carpets, office spaces and washrooms.

Please note due to global bottle shortages product packaging may appear different from advertised.
The Bio Guard antibacterial formula remains unchanged.







For best results spray BIO GUARD directly onto designated surface and wipe with a cloth.

For fabrics spray and allow to dry. No need to rinse or wipe.

Bio Guard is a proprietary blend of non-hazardous materials for optimal bacteria protection.



Powerful all purpose cleaner
and sanitiser


Keep out of the reach of children. See SDS for full list of precautionary statements


If swallowed: Rinse mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting.

If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several
minutes. Remove contact
lenses, if present and accessible.

Call a POISON CENTRE or doctor / physician if you feel unwell or condition persists

CALL 131 126



H303 May be harmful is swallowed
H316 Causes mild skin irritation
H320 Causes eye irritation

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

250ml, 500ml, 1litre


  • Thank you so much MFD for your new product Bio Guard!
    My car received an interior clean by MFD and when I got the car back it was sparkling like I’ve never seen it. The entire dash, seats, and doors were pristine and not one streak mark was present.
    My husband brought home a bottle of Bio Guard and I added it to my cleaning products under the sink as I assumed I would only use it on my car.
    Instead I pulled it out a few days later and decided to try it on my kitchen counter. It works perfectly in my kitchen too! It cleaned my counter, stove, sink and did so with all its’ fantastic antibacterial properties.
    Thank you MFD for this amazing, multipurpose, antibacterial cleaner.

  • What a great Australian made product! Considering all the craziness about having to sanitise and wipe down all surfaces I was intrigued when I saw an ad for BIO GUARD! Forget antibacterial wipes and various sprays for different surfaces. BIO GUARD is fantastic! It is an all rounder antibacterial spray that we have been using in our car (all touch points, mats etc) and now even in our home. My husband even sprays his shoes before entering the house. FINALLY, ONE product that we can use in our car, on our clothes after having been outside, and in our home! Thank you MFD!

  • Ordered on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. Extremely fast delivery. 500ml bottle fits in my cup holder and the product itself doesn’t leave a sticky residue and smells quite nice.

  • Great Australian made product! Awesome service and super fast delivery to NSW. Ordered 52 bottles of Bio Guard and it was all packed and ready to go to Sanitarium & Alternative Dairy Co Field Team Monday morning.
    Forget antibacterial wipes and various sprays for different surfaces. BIO GUARD is fantastic!!!
    Thanks MFD, you are awesome!

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