Ceramic coating MelbourneOur ceramic coating service in Melbourne is guaranteed to last longer then our competitors.

This high-gloss car paint protection is a coating that can only be applied by our trained application team. We back up all our work with a lifetime warranty. When you compare it to a factory paint job, you will see a remarkable difference. Our application provides a number of benefits, such as heat and ultraviolet resistance, chemical protection, graffiti protection and water guard.

the best ceramic coating in melbourneOur coating’s ability to repel graffiti and water works in such a way that any liquid that contacts the surface of the coating will bead up and slide away, taking dirt particles with it. This ensures that your car stays cleaner for longer and that it is easier to keep clean. The ceramic coating provides a hard layer of protection for the car’s paint, safeguarding it from a number of environmental factors. These include chemicals and natural elements like tree sap, bird droppings and bugs.

This coating will not break down slowly, nor will it simply wash off in time. The coating adheres permanently to the paint and works like a second paint layer. The only way it can ever be removed is through abrasion, ensuring you have the most durable protection for your car’s paint.

This ceramic coating is fully tested and certified by SGS- the leading certification and inspection company in the world.

The Benefits of Using Our Patented Application

Adheres Permanently- This protective coating will adhere to your paint work and will never have to be reapplied.

Resists Fallout- The coating is resistant to environmental hazards, such as tree sap, tar, bird droppings and bugs

Resists Chemicals- This protective application can resist numerous chemicals that can harm your car’s paint. It stands up better to hazards that would normally strip away sealants, waxes and other types of protective coatings.

Uses Ceramic Nanotechnology- By utilizing a revolutionary form of nanotechnology, our protective coating stays on the cutting edge of technological advances.

Resists Ultraviolet Radiation- By including UV stabilisers, this coating protects your paint work from the fading and discoloration that UV radiation can cause.

Cleans Easily-  the hydrophobic attributes of this coating ensures that you can easily get rid of any grime and dirt that are on your vehicle.

Glossy Finish- The nanotechnology creates a glossy finish that adds a protective layer to your car and gives it a beautiful, glossy shine.

Type: Ceramic
Benefits Easy to Clean; Glossy Finish
UV  All UV rays are blocked.

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Our Process

  1. A trained applicator will prepare your car’s surface to ensure that the adhesion is permanent.
  2. Then the protective coating will be applied. It can only be applied by a trained applicator.
  3. Once applied, the coating protects your car’s paint with a high gloss layer.


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