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I am sure you remember the day you bought your car. From the moment you first saw your car, got inside and drove away. Remember the way it shone from tip to toe, not a blemish in sight and the way it smelled when you got inside. How’s it looking now?

There is no reason you can’t maintain that showroom condition, inside and out, and enjoy that distinct new smell as often as you want. Short of buying a new vehicle every few months, the only way to do achieve that look and smell, is professional detailing.

I call it that, because that is what it is. Every second person with a bucket, a bit of soap and a sponge thinks they can be a detailer these days. That is not the way it works.

This profession is an art, it requires skill and perfection. One needs to have the right tools for the job, the experience and skills to do it correctly and a passion for getting the job done right.

We follow a meticulous, step-by-step detailing process. After carefully and thoroughly washing every nook and cranny of the exterior of your car with our quality, specially formulated snow foam and microfiber cloths, we then proceed to decontaminate the paintwork with a clay bar.

This removes all residual, ingrained dirt and any imperfections. This includes bug splatters, bird droppings, pollution, chemical and petrol spills as well as water spots. It will also strip away any old wax build-up.

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We are your local detailing experts in Melbourne. Let me tell you what sets us apart from the wash ‘n go guys and other car detailers.

  • We use the best proprietary care products, tried and test over years of experience, we only use the best.
  • We have specialised equipment to get the job done right, even trouble spots like watermarks, stains and minor scratches.
  • We are hands on. We get our hands dirty while detailing your vehicle to make it spotless. Our entire team is well experienced and share our passion for perfection and attention.
  • Having been involved in the game for a while, we know the best techniques to ensure a superior and lasting end result.
  • We are fully insured for your peace of mind.
  • Come to us or we will happily come to your home or office, at your convenience.

We do not just clean the parts that can be seen and equal attention is paid to the underside, the chassis and the wheel wells.

Once done, we give every inch of the vehicle a machine buff and polish, again using our specially formulated equipment and techniques. This helps to bring out the natural shine of the paintwork, restoring the colour and removing all but the deepest scratches and blemishes. Our local specialty!

Special attention is paid to restoring light covers to ensure they not only look great but perform at their optimal level at maximum brightness and clarity.

The next step is to apply a protective layer of our special blend of wax treatment. This will enhance the colour, remove any remaining surface scratches and minor imperfections and leave the car gleaming. When we have completed the waxing, we wax again. We leave nothing to chance with our detailing and a second application of wax will make 100% sure that not one spot is missed and will result in a long-lasting, protective layer, provided by Car Detailing Melbourne.

The waxing detail technique will not only make the car radiant but will give your vehicle many months of protection and make it very easy to keep spotless between now and the next time we clean it. I say we because if we work on your pride and joy for you once, you will never go anywhere else in the future. The product will form a lasting bond with the paintwork to ensure a long lasting benefit.

The wheels, tires, plastic trim, light covers and windows all get very careful attention and your car will gleam like new.

The engine is the area where you really need the expertise and experience of professional detailers. We leave nothing to chance and take particular care to ensure that we leave the engine spotless with zero risk of damage or liquids getting where they are not wanted.

Take a look at our Ceramic paint protection as well.

Now that the body and engine are looking like the day you first bought it, we move on to the interior. This is what we specialize in at Car Detailing Melbourne.

Leathers seats and trim are treated to a plush leather cleaner detail that will restore them to their former glory and give them a nourishing treatment to enhance the shine and protect from fading or cracking. Cloth seats, as well as the carpets, will get a deep shampoo and spot stain treatment where necessary. We also pay particular attention to the roof-lining.

The dashboard, all control panels, trims and every square inch of the interior is meticulously cleaned and treated for protection and shine.

Lastly, we have perfected the art of getting your windows and mirrors, as well as any chrome work looking 100%.

Before we return it to you, a full detail inspection is conducted to ensure nothing has been overlooked or is anything but 100% perfect.

Why detail your car?

As I am sure you can see, there is a world of difference between a good wash and having your vehicle professionally detailed. Apart from enhancing your driving experience, good detailing will improve the safety of your vehicle, protect the paintwork, upholstery, light covers, plastics and trimmings of your investment and enhance the future value.

How often should I have it detailed?

A lot will depend on the type of vehicle as well as where and how often you drive. The protection afforded by professional detailing will last from four to six months so use that as a guideline.

If you are planning to sell a vehicle, giving it a detail is a must. You will get the cost of the service back at least 10 times over and sell that much faster, with less negotiation.

We are equally skilled at doing the same fantastic transformation to trucks, RVs, caravans motorcycles and boats. We also offer a fleet detail service.

We have a range of options available – from a superior, high-quality wash and wax to the full, deluxe detail treatment.

Contact us today for more details and pricing or to book in for a bit of pampering. You won’t believe it is the same car.

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