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Car Wax, Car Wash, and Detailing History

1800 – a carriage maker in a German town of Bischofsheim developed a wax based protectant made from animal fats to protect the black lacquer type paint that was applied to horse drawn carriages.

1888 – A small city of Pforzheim, Germany, a man named Friedrich Menzer founded a chemical factory to manufacture fine polishing agents for precious metals and gold. The company produced other materials but had a hard time sell the product.The product thast succeeded was called “Paris Red”, which was considered the best fine polish for gold. Menzer then moved his company to nearby Karlsruhe in 1899. Menzer opened branches in foreign markets starting in 1921.

1925- a factory was build for manufacturing the first Ditzler lacquer for automotive factory finishes. Ditzler Colour Company acquired property at 8000 W. Chicago Ave. in Detroit. Ditzler Colour Company was purchased by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company in 1928, but continued to manufacture products under the Ditzler label as a subsidiary until 1968.

1930 – Hans Anwander produced the first jars of Antikwachs, hand made non-enzyme based wax formulas, in his small Zurich workshop, the workshop was in a carefully controlled environment. Hans developed the wax formulas to protect the family’s priceless collection of antiques and lacquers, Hans then tried it on his private collection of automobiles as well. It showed amazing results. Hans started a family business, after three generations the Anwander family carefully nurtured and refined the waxes into the ultimate standard for automotive care.

In the 1970′s the Anwander family came to the USA from Switzerland, hoping to sell the families wax formulas. Unfortunatly, the American market was only interested in ‘mass production’, it was decided that a modified formula would be sold for production in the USA. These formulas were enzyme based, and were originally distributed by the Turtle Wax Company. The Zymol company was founded in 1980 shortly after.

1936 – Einszett was founded by Werner Saur Sr. in Germany. The company began with the goal of making a quality car polish. Each product has been researched, tested, and manufactured in Germany. Einszett had strict quality guidelines. The product results were to work on; glossy paint, clean trim, and bright metalwork.

1950- Menzerna came under the management of Dr. Walter Burkart. Burkart started researching industrial polishing technology, continuing into the 1960’s came the advent of liquid polish emulsions, which is still the norm in the auto industry. Menzerna adopted this new way of processing. Menzerna applied to it some of the highest standards of quality that the industry has ever seen.

1960 – Another German manufacturer Car-Lack (US known as Klasse) was the first admixing polyethylene to be used instead of wax, Mercedes-Benz dealerships used the Car-Lack sealant, while Jaguar and various other English carmakers (Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley) favoured Autoglym products Meguiar’s was founded in 1901 as a furniture finishes manufacturer and later started to do car waxes.

Between 1960 and 1990 thier was changes to paint reflecting new and better technologies. Waxes and sealers stayed the same through the paint transitions.

1990 – Saw the onset of water-based, oven dried two-stage (colour and clear coat) paint systems. This enabled a innumerable of paint colour options and having perfected the clear coat systems, depth of shine, gloss and clarity were obtained.

2007 – A new type of automotive surface protection system was introduced to the market in the form of wipe-on, walk-away clear sealants. The clear paint sealants are nanotechnology polymer coatings that are highly resistant to acids, detergents, and hard minerals, like calcium.

Now in 2011, no matter what type of vehicle you own, and the type of modifications you do, the auto detailing specialists can car wash, car detail, buff, car wax, and shine anything you own. Call and make a reservation with the Extreme Car Detailing Specialists located in Nashville, Tennessee. Please read the testimonials that our customers have written.

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