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To make our menu as simple as possible, our Services are divided into two categories, Individual Detail Packages and Maintenance Plans.

Our Detailing Packages are designed to truly bring out the best in your vehicle. Anyone can wash and vacuum a car, but detailing is an art that requires skill, patience and attention to detail. We bring all three when detailing your vehicle. If you are unsure about what your vehicle needs, feel free to schedule a free General Consultation.

For pricing on exterior or interior only detailing, please call us at 228.284.4474
Interior + Exterior Packages
Level 1 “Refresh”
This is our basic, “express” detail, providing a thorough inside and out cleaning with basic protection. This is a perfect service for a well-maintained car that just needs a light touch-up. This detail includes:

Hand Wash
Glass Cleaning
Interior Wipedown
Interior Dressing
Tire/Wheel Well Dressing
Premium Express Wax

$49 for Cars & $59 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Level 2 “Renew”
This package adds more protection and a more thorough paint cleansing. Suitable for cars in good condition, but have gone a little too long since their last detail. Includes everything in the Level 1 Package plus:

Clay Bar Treatment
Exterior Dressing
Polymer Paint Sealant

$75 for Cars & $89 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Level 3 “Rejuvenation”
This is it, the ultimate package, our namesame. This is pinnacle of car care for those who demand it. This Package is a comprehensive detail that not only cleans and protects, it restores and rejuvenates. Whether you want to sell or trade in your car, or you just want your “baby” to look its best, this package is for you. Includes everything in the Level 2 Package plus:

Engine Detail
Upholstery Cleaning
Fabric Protection
Wheel Polishing
Wheel Sealant
1-Step Polishing
Glass Treatment

$179 for Cars & $219 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Optional Upgrades
2-Step Polishing – $60
Full Paint Rejuvenation – $120

Note: Heavily soiled / neglected cars may require an extra charge.
Ready to book your detail? Call 228.284.4474
Maintenance Plans
Our Maintenance Plans are made for the busy people like you. Whether you’re a high-power executive or an on-the-go soccer mom (or Dad!), you simply don’t have the time or the energy to regularly take care of and clean your vehicle. Even remembering to schedule your vehicle for cleaning is a hassle! Don’t worry, we have designed all aspects of our Maintenance plans to be as simple and effortless as possible, from billing to scheduling. While we’re flattered when you think of us, our goal is to make having a clean, detailed car something you don’t have to think or worry about. If you are unsure about you and your vehicle’s needs, feel free to schedule a General Consultation.

Both of our Maintenance Plans are designed to maintain a vehicle in pristine condition indefinitely. Once the vehicle has been reconditioned, or “Rejuvenated”, the focus is on keeping everything in that condition. It is both easier on your wallet and safer for your vehicles to take this approach rather than to just restore it when it gets bad. With this in mind, we highly recommend having a Level 3 “Rejuvenation” done prior to beginning the plan. This ensures that every surface of your vehicle is as perfect as can be, before we apply our best protectants. This maximizes your investment and allows us to serve you better.

Basic Plan
This Maintenance Plan is suitable for most average drivers. It consists of of a bi-weekly service to provide whatever your vehicle needs, be it polishing out scuffs or cleaning up Spot’s little accident from the family vacation. At minimum, it includes a basic detail equivalent to our Level 1 Detail.

$79–$89 month Cars & Small Trucks/SUVs, Vans & Full-Size Trucks
Executive Plan
This Maintenance Plan is more robust to meet the needs of the most active car users. If you “live out of your car”, this is for you! It is the same level of service as the Basic Plan, but on a weekly basis.

$149–$169 month Cars & Small Trucks/SUVs, Vans & Full-Size Trucks
Ready to book your detail? Call 228.284.4474

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