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Auto Detailing
At Rejuvenators, we believe quality is essential to customer satisfaction. Let’s be honest; anyone can wash a car, but only a professional auto detailer can give your car the care it deserves. With this in mind, we extend an invitation for you to experience excellence. Choose from the packaged services below for more details or schedule an appointment online today!

All of our details include the securing and setting aside of your personal items such as loose change, sunglasses, pens and notepads.

Complete Details
Level 1 – Refresh Detail (Starting @ $45 for cars and $60 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is our basic detail, providing a thorough inside and out cleaning with basic interior protection. This is a perfect service for a well-maintained car that just needs a light touch-up. This detail Includes:

Hand Wash – Your car will be hand washed with premium shampoo and soft, no scratch mitts to ensure all dirt, debris, tar, bugs, etc. are safely removed from your car’s surfaces.

Vacuum – Dirt, sand and other debris will be whisked away from your carpeted surfaces.

Glass Cleaning – All interior and exterior glass will be wiped down with a dedicated cleaner and towel to give a streak-free finish.

Interior Wipedown – All interior surfaces (exc. Carpet) will be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Interior Dressing – All interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces will be treated with a water-based dressing that is guaranteed to be non-greasy and not attract dust while leaving a coat of UV protection & low-gloss shine.

Fragrance – Why stop at making your car look good, when it can smell good, too?

Level 2 – Renew Detail (Starting @ $75 for cars and $90 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is a basic detail that adds more protection. A premium carnauba wax and dressing protect your paint and trim from the elements. Includes:

Refresh Detail plus

Polymer Paint Sealant – Provides a deep, wet look to your paint and adds a layer of protection.

Exterior Dressing – All exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces will be treated with a water-based dressing that is guaranteed to be non-greasy and not attract dust while leaving a coat of UV protection & low-gloss shine.

Level 3 – Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $180 for cars and $210 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is our premium package. We provide the ultimate in car care for those who demand it.The Restoration is an advanced detail that not only cleans and protects, but also lightly or fully corrects your paint, removing imperfections. This means your paint will be shiny and smooth as glass. Speaking of glass, it too is polished and protected with a water repellent to make your inclement weather driving safer. To top it off, we seal and protect your wheels from the elements and harmful brake dust, preserving their finish. This is a great detail for those wanting to trade in or sell their car. Includes:

Renew Detail plus

Glass Water Repellant – Allows for clearer viewing in rain and snow by repelling water and filling in micro-pits in your glass that would normally collect water. Also protects against dirt contamination in those pits allowing for a clearer view even in dry weather. At highway speeds, water will bead and sheet off the glass reducing the need for wipers and making driving safer in inclement weather.

Wheel Sealant – One of the strongest forms of protection you can give your wheels. The Wheel Sealant’s micro thin barrier of protection will help prevent the build-up of contamination and other road grime. Brake dust will repeatedly hit the same part of the wheel at very high temperatures, which can cause pitting on your wheels. The Wheel Sealant is particularly good at preventing high temperature brake dust from sizzling on the wheel. It also leaves a great shine on the wheels.

Upholstery Cleaning – All fabric interior surfaces will be treated with a carpet cleaner, scrubbed and dirt extracted to remove most stains and leave your carpet as clean as when you purchased your car. This service also removes dirt and grime from leather and restores the natural oils back into the leather to produce a natural, non-greasy sheen.

Fabric Protection – Everyone knows that accidents happen, so protect your interior from spills!. This product protects against almost all fluid spills by allowing the spill to bead up on top of fabric. This doesn’t affect the fabric’s breathability. This is great for protecting against kids and pets.

Engine Detail – Having your engine detailed will allow your engine to run cooler and improve your fuel efficiency. It will also enable service techs to find leaks easier. This is a perfect add-on for car and the end of their lease or for sale. We thoroughly clean and degrease the engine bay, while taking care to protect sensitive electronics, etc., during the entire process.

Wheel Polishing (if applicable) – We machine polish each wheel to release deeply embedded contaminates like brake dust, fresh tar, road grime, oxidation and more. While cleaning the surface we are also polishing the wheel so it gives off the maximum shine.

1-Step Polish – Removes oxidation and up to 70% of paint imperfections like scratches, scuffs and swirl marks

Advanced Polymer Sealant/Premium Carnauba Wax – This 1-2 combo of scientifically designed and perfected polymer-based sealant and nature’s best Carnauba wax will not only give your paint the best protection we have to offer, but will make it shine like you’ve never seen it before!

2-step Paint Rejuvenation (add $70) – Adding a second polishing step to the process can dramatically increase the amount of defects removed and radically improve the shine and gloss of your paint. Highly recommended for most daily drivers.

Full Paint Rejuvenation (add $140) – For the true automotive connoisseur, this upgrade is a must. We will machine polish your paint in 3 or more steps to fully remove paint imperfections like swirl marks, oxidation and light scratches. The highest level of gloss will be achieved Deep scratches and other heavy imperfections will be removed or lessened. NOTE: Due to the nature of modern car finishes, we cannot guarantee 100% defect removal, as in some instances, it would require a process that would compromise the future integrity of your paint.

Exterior Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $120 for cars and $150 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)

Hand Wash

Exterior Dressing

Glass Water Repellant

Wheel Polish

Wheel Sealant

1-Step Polish

Premium Paint Sealant

Premium Carnauba Wax

2-step Paint Correction (add $60)

Full Paint Correction (add $120)

Interior Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $120 for cars and $150 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)


Interior Wipedown

Glass Cleaning



Upholstery Cleaning

Advanced Leather Restoration (if needed)

Fabric Protection

Add-ons (all prices are starting)
Upholstery Cleaning – $30 for Cars and Compact Trucks, $45 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks

Glass Water Repellant – $15

Fabric Protection – $30

Advanced Leather Restoration ($125) – This service is an intense, deep cleaning of your leather. We recommend this for extremely worn or dirty leather. It usually requires a 24 hour treatment time.

Engine Detail – $25

Wheel & Metal Polishing – $45+

Note: Heavily soiled / neglected cars may require an extra charge. Please consult with us for more information

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