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Many people go to a car wash Salem Oregon to get their cars washed. This is a general cleaning of the car and mostly on the outside. However, those in the know; those that love and care for their cars, will opt for a professional auto detailing Salem OR. A good Salem auto detail is the process of expertly cleaning a car using proper cleaning equipment and implements as well as attending to all parts of the car, including the visible and the hidden parts, both inside and outside the car.

There is professional car detailing services offered in the city of Salem. Residents of this city who wish to enjoy professional car detailing services will benefit from these professional services. Rather than just use soap and water to clean the exterior of the car, it is advisable to detail a car properly so that it maintains its great, impeccable looks and remains as good as new all the time.

The best place to begin in auto detailing is the car’s interior. The first step should be too remove the mats and then give the upholstery and carpeting on the inside some thorough vacuuming. This will prevent the dirt from getting onto the exterior. It may be necessary in some instances to remove stains that may be on the carpets or upholstery. These can be removed using suitable stain removers that are specially designed for car detailing. Floor mats can then be washed and set out to dry. A dressing can be used to clean the mats so they look even better and cleaner.

Some repair work can be done on areas of the interior that are damaged. Talk to us about available treatments for curing worn or torn vinyl and leather areas. Holes or burns on the upholstery or carpets can be repaired too. Ask us for options.

One of the biggest challenges in car detailing in Salem Oregon is cleaning out the dashboard. This special area of the car can be blasted with compressed air so that dirt, dust and particles can be lifted off the dashboard and then cleared away. Glass and plastic gauges will be cleaned using appropriate glass or plastic cleaning detergents. Sometimes there are knobs which will have to be removed so that the areas beneath them are also cleaned. All these are important components necessary for a proper auto detail process. We offer mobile auto detailing in Salem Oregon and can take care of all of your Auto detail needs. No more going to that Salem Car Wash.

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