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I’m sitting here in my little stall at The Armory of Homebush Park looking at the stunning four wheeled supermodels rolling in to the grounds. There’s every size, shape and colour of these German visionary’s works of art coming in and lining up ready for the judging. The weather is overcast and threatening to rain but this doesn’t seem to be hindering any of the entrants from arriving in style today.

I’m at the Porsche Club of NSW’s annual Concours D’Elegance and the competition looks to be fierce today. It’s early yet but there seems to be a great turn out, despite the weather. As I write I’m watching a fully grown man lying flat on the grass, polishing meticulously a probably microscopic mark on his pride and joy. It’s this kind of dedication and commitment that is so enjoyable to watch, from a detailer’s point of view it’s truly great to see.

I’ve just arrived back from getting some breakfast from the good people at West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook Rotary Club who are here to sustain us all for the day. To my right are two lovely blokes from NEVCO with some really impressive trailers, and further up we have Autohaus, and some other exhibitors still to come.
The people are really starting to arrive now, and what is surprising me are all the families and young children in attendance, showing their support and helping out. To my left one young boy no older than 8 is helping his father with one last wipe down of the windows before the judges come to have a look shortly. He looks as proud as anything.

It’s just started to rain now, and I’ve been joined by some of the members who are taking refuge in our marquee. Certainly glad I brought this today! The band has arrived and the good people from Autohaus have given them their marquee so the show will go on, as they say. The rain still hasn’t washed away any good spirits or enthusiasm, only brought out the umbrellas as the entrants go about their final preparations. I’m surprised they don’t make umbrellas for vehicles!

I’ve just done a quick run around and touched up my client’s cars who are in attendance today, much to their wonderful appreciation. I’m not going to lie, I would love to see one of their cars take it out today, but having said that there are some seriously impressive looking cars here, so I’m sure the most deserving will rightly take the title.

The rain is starting to ease now, and the band has started to play. Some accordion music which when coupled with the weather and cars is making the day feel very European! I’ve even just spotted a lady walking two sausage dogs!

Well we officially have a full house here now, and the sun is starting to peak through. I’ve just done a run around to all my client’s cars to take some photos. The sun is really starting to make them all shine and the place looks like a chest of shining jewels.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very great people here today, including one man who grilled me on nano-technology, which really tested my knowledge, and rightly so.

Another gentleman bought a green wash mitt,

only to say that his daughters will probably be back for the pink alternative shortly, with a grin on his face. Sure enough, no more than 10 minutes later two young girls turn up and shyly but surely make the switch and with an approving nod from me, run off back to their father.

The judging is well underway with the official Concours Judges wandering around with their official looking clipboards and serious faces. They have a tough job ahead of them, and I don’t envy their position at all today, all the cars look really amazing. The entrants are never too far away from their babies, keeping a close and watchful eye on anyone coming close, and rightly so! The entrants I have in today’s events are:

Yasmin 996 Carrera – received a pre-show touch up after having a Single Stage earlier in the year.

Bill with a 964 Carrera – this received a Double Stage Enhancement

Alan with a 986 Boxter – receiving a Single Stage Enhancement

Mark with a 968 CS – I didn’t service this leading up to the event, but he is a client.

Mark with a 993 Carrera – This received our top end service, a Paint Correction

Also have Steven’s 993 Turbo S, which must have been too good looking for the camera because none of my photos turned out!

The community feel of this whole event is really what I think I’m enjoying the most. There are about five or six client’s here today, with a dozen or so I’m quite familiar with, and even more again that I’m starting to recognise their faces. The guys at the PCNSW really do a great job of maintaining this friendly but passionate feel to this community, and I’m certainly starting to get the bug, despite the fact that blasphemously I don’t myself own a Porsche … yet! One day. For now I’ll have to settle with the Ute, not as impressive looking but certainly practical.

The sun is out in full force today, and what a complete one-eighty the day has had. People have switched their jumpers and umbrellas for sunnies and caps, but never losing their enthusiasm. I’ve just spoken to Darryl who told me this is one of the best turn outs they’ve had, and I’m just really glad to be a part of it.

Things are starting to wrap up and I’ve been told they are having a really tough time deciding on the Concours winner, having to look at each car over and over and being as picky as hell, which I suppose is what it’s all about. As for the Show and Shine some of the entrants have been judged and have left to enjoy the remainder of their Sunday, while others are busy socialising, having a drink or picnic, and catching up with fellow members, with their Porsche’s soaking up the sun not too far away.

The winners have just been announced, and there was much enthusiasm and excitement. I didn’t know many of them personally, but the crowd definitely gave the impression they were well-deserving winners, so congratulations to everyone.

All in all it’s been a fantastic day, the first of many I think. Thanks to Wayne, Darryl and Rob and all the guys at PCNSW for putting it on, and for inviting me to attend.

Until next time,


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