Why Paint Correction Is Essential

Your vehicle will accumulate dust, dirt and particles from bugs and rainwater over time. Even sunlight can be harmful to your car’s paintjob. Through the correction process, contaminants can be removed from the paint, and a wax finish seals in the paint and protects it from scratching and fading. You shouldn’t think of it as a luxury but as a sound investment in your vehicle. The experts at Mirror Finish Detail can ensure that your vehicle gets the protection it needs.

What Does Paint Correction Entail?

Paint correction (which is also called machine polishing), is a process where polish and compound are applied to a vehicle to restore its “like new” appearance. The process can get rid of imperfections, such as buffer marks, swirl marks, oxidation and even scratches. 1119856If done properly, your vehicle may even look better than when it came out of the factory. Our process removes every type of contamination instead of just masking them like some detailers do.

Our experts are able to get rid of more than 95% of all paint defects, in most cases, taking around 18-30 hours on the majority of these jobs. This is an essential service, because even washing your car can lead to scratches and imperfections if it is not done properly. Washing your car usually causes micro particles of dirt to scrape against the paint and create swirls that become more apparent over time. Those scratches detract from your paint job, changing the way it refracts light and dulling your car’s paint.

Orange Peel

Some new vehicles may have poor paintjobs, and when the finish is less than perfect, it creates an effect known as orange peel. That’s the name for the somewhat rippled look that paintwork can have. This happens when the factory paint guns spray out lots of air onto multiple layers of paint. The airstream leaves behind a rippled look that’s a definite eyesore. We can use a combination of machine polishing and wet sanding to get rid of this orange peel. We remove a layer of paint at a time using abrasive paper. This smooths out the paintwork and makes it completely flat, making way for us to polish the paint and refine the paint finish to make it look even better than it did when it was new.

Paint Depth

The team at Mirror Finish Detail always measures your entire vehicle’s paint thickness. We use an electronic gauge that can accurately measure down to the microns of paint your car has layered onto it. Just removing a few microns of paint can make a noticeable difference. If you wish, we can provide you with a complete report of the vehicle’s paint depth before we begin.

Wet Sanding

We sometimes use a process known as wet sanding to get rid of some of the deeper scratches on your car. For this, we will sand the area that’s affected by scratches and buff out the edges to reduce how visible those scratches are. This can cut costs for you, avoiding the need for a costly repaint.

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