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Paint correction, or machine polishing, as it is also known, is a method for adding polish and compound to produce some amazing results. No matter how alike two vehicles look, they probably have different kinds of paint on them, made by different manufacturers and slightly different hues. It is essential for paint correction specialists to have a good knowledge of paint and paint products. The experts as Mirror Finish Detail have extensive knowledge in these areas.

1119856Through machine polishing, we can get rid of most types of swirl marks as well as the majority of minor scratches, buffer marks, bird droppings and more. This allows us to restore your car’s paint to a condition that’s actually better than new. It can even restore faded paint to its previous glory. In order to accomplish this, however, we have to make a close examination of the surface of your vehicle. There’s no guesswork involved. We have to determine the density of the coating, the precise colour that was used, the condition of your car’s surface and more. We even used high-tech tools to gauge the paint’s thickness and determine how much polishing and correction is necessary.

It takes a proper understanding of the process and technique required for superior results in order to get some great outcomes, even when using a less than stellar product. Likewise, a great product that’s used incorrectly will yield unsatisfactory outcomes, such as when the technique is off or the surface isn’t prepared properly. By using a combination of great products and a firm understanding of technique and process, we are able to guarantee great results every time. Really, the products used don’t factor in very heavily when trying to achieve the kind of outcomes we work for. It’s more important to have a good technique and to use the right methods.get-a-quote

Our paint correction process can take around 10 hrs for small corrections and as much as 100 hours for larger corrections. That time only applies to the machine polishing process. All that effort pays off, though, as the finished product can be quite unbelievable. If you like, we can offer you some washing tips and product suggestions to help you keep your car in the best shape possible. With the right tools and technique, you can have a car that looks as good every day as it does when we are finished detailing it for you.

1119856We offer some paint correction packages that can help you save money. If you would like us to inspect your car before agreeing to one of our packages, then we would be happy to do so for you. During the inspection, one of our team members will point out the various imperfections with your car and let you know what kind of defects we will be able to correct. The vehicle inspection covers every aspect of your car’s detailing, paint and correction needs.

Some clients prefer a full written report as opposed to our standard verbal assessment. They may want it for tax purposes or to keep for their records, and that is something we would be happy to offer you, if you request it.

Call or email us to book an inspection or to request a package. Our people will be happy to discuss specific services and pricing information with you.

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