Prior to inspecting the paintwork, a thorough decontamination is required to clearly asses the potential damage to the paintwork.

Firstly the car will be foamed down with a Ph neutral shampoo. This allows fine dust/dirt particles to gently glide down the vehicle to insure no scratching during the decontamination faze. After 2-3 minutes the vehicle will then be high pressure washed to get ready for the next step. After the car has been foamed and pressure rinsed there is generally dirt build up around the lower sections of the vehicle. Using a 2 bucket wash method ( one with warm PH neutral soup and one with warm clean water ) we will gently wipe away any built up contaminants like dirt, bird poo and road grime.

Again, this stage is crucial as we don't want to scratch the paintwork prior to inspecting it properly. After we have removed the foreign contamination we will then re-foam and high pressure rinse the vehicle to insure there is no dust or dirt still lingering around. Sometime these steps need to be done once or twice depending on the level of contamination. Once this is done the car will be dried with a 400gsm waffle weave drying towel. This grade of cotton allows for smooth water pick up and doesn't scratch the paintwork.


After the car is dried we will run out hand over the paintwork to feel for any pigments. These might be caused by road grime, small stones or over-spray embedded in the clear coat. If the vehicle shows signs of these we will conduct a thorough Clay bar wash. A clay bar will pick up any pigments stuck in the paintwork and leave that smooth finish. After this process is carried out we move onto the wheels and guards.

When cleaning wheels/guards we like to take the slow and patient approach. Using an Iron decontaminater we spray the wheels/guards and let all the road grime slowly loosen up. Once that is done we will take a series of wheel woolies to gently wash inside the Rim barrels and guards insuring a perfectly clean surface.

Once the paintwork has been decontaminated we will then take the car indoors and put it under a series of very bright lumen lights. This will show us what type of paint defects will need to be removed. These can be swirls, water spots, scratches and holograms.

Once we have determined the damage we will then mask up the car. Taping all the rubber seams/seals will protect from getting damaged by the polishing compounds needed to correct the paintwork.

Once the correction process has taken place ( depending on the level of correction needed ) we will then re-wash the vehicle. Again, a foam gun will be used to remove any compound dust used by our polishing machines to insure a clean surface. The car will then be air dried ( not dried with a towel as this CAN cause scratching ).

Depending on our clients needs we will then apply a wax sealant or ceramic coating to the paintwork to insure maximum protection and longevity. The tires, guards, rubber seals are then treated with a special rejuvenater to give that factory shine.

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