How To: Care for Failing Clearcoat

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So to start off let’s cover what failing cleat coat is and what causes it.

Layers of Paint

When a modern car is painted there are three distinct layers of paint:
1. The primer or basecoat. This is the first layer or paint that is sprayed down over the bare metal, plastic or composite body of the car. The colour of this will depend on what colour the final car is going to be but it is almost always either grey, white or black.

2. The colour coat. This, as the name suggests, is the layer of coloured paint which you can see once the car is painted. This varys depending on what colour you, or the previous owner chose for the vehicle. It can either be a solid colour or a metallic colour. If Metallic or Mica then the paint has been mixed with different coloured flakes of metal or natural Mica. There are many different coloured flakes available for example red cars can have gold metallic, such as Mazda’s Copper Red Mica, black cars can have blue flake, such as Ford’s Silhouette and silver cars can have silver flake like VW’s Reflex Silver. The type of flake varys between manufacturer.

3. The clearcoat. The clearcoat is the very top layer of paint on the vehicle. As the name suggests this coat of paint is clear. Clearcoat varys widely between manufacturers. Some, like Honda’s, are sticky which makes them harder to polish, and some like Subaru, are soft, which means they mark easily and some like VW, Audi and Mercedes are very hard due to using a specialist clear called cerramiclear. This means they require special cutting compounds but are very durable and yield a great finish.
It is the clearcoat that you polish, wax or seal and it is the clearcoat that has to deal with all the environmental damage such as bird droppings, jet fuel, industrial fallout and mineral etching.

Why Does Clearcoat Fail?

So now we have an understanding of what clearcoat is we can look at what causes it to fail.

There are three main causes to clearcoat failure:

1. First is impropper paint bonding. This occurs when the clearcoat is layed down incorrectly over the colour coat. The bond between the two is not achieved and as such the clear will slowly begin to bubble and peel from the vehicle. This picture shows the failing clear on the left hand side of the boot lid. The right hand side had a filler wax applied to mask the problem for the owner.

2. The second is removal of too much clearcoat. This often occurs when the vehicle has been agressively buffed a number of times or if the vehicle has been wetsanded by an inexperienced operator. This leaves the clearcoat thin and as such it’s UV blockers are removed and it gives in to the effect of the harsh Australian sun.

Image care of

3. The third is lack of protection. Some people just don’t look after their cars and as such the paint work never saw any wax or sealant. Over time the effects of the environment took their toll and you’re left with a mess that needs to be sprayed to be fixed up.

Slowing Failing Clearcoat

So your clearcoat is failing, what can you do to stop it? Well in short, nothing. Once the process has started it can’t be stopped. You can however attempt to slow it.

If your clear is peeling due to a poor bond with the colour coat or insufficient film build there are a few things you should do:

1 . Always wash and wax or seal from the strong side of the clear to the failing side this will prevent you from getting contaminates and solvents stuck under the failing clear. It will also mean that you do not lift the edge with your cloth or app pad.

2. Use a good quality wax or prefrebly a sealant with both UV-A and UV-B blockers. Examples of these are Duragloss 105 , Zaino Z2 Pro and Nanolex paint sealant. This will restore the UV blocking properties and assist with the slowig down of the clear failing.

There are also a couple of things not to do:

1. Pressure washing. If the jet of the pressure washer hits the failing clear then it cause it to lift, further exasperating problem.

2. Abrasive polish. If the clear is already failing there is no need to help it along by thinning it out further. Even light polishing may make the situation worse so it is best to stay away all together. If you are massively concerned with swirl marks then use a filler polish such as Autoglyms Super Resin Polish or Ultra Deep Shine and top it in Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.

Preventing Clearcoat from Failing

So what if your clear is fine? How can you stop it failing?

1. The main thing to do is always use a quality carnauba wax or a quality synthetic sealant. This will act as a barrier between the environment and your paint. This sacrificial layer will take the force off the bird droppings, jet fuel and mineral etching meaning your clear coat stays in pristine condition.

2. Secondly be wary of who machine polishes your vehicle. A lot of unskilled tradesmen will use agressive cutters that will remove a lot of marks but also a lot of paint. Ensure that anyone that is agressively correcting your vehicle either through machine polishing or wetsanding is experienced as is using a paint thickness gauge (below) to assess how much film build remains between all the steps.

As always feel free to ask any questions or leave comments.


DMS Detailing

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 9:58PMTuesday, November 10, 2009 at 9:58PMDMS Detailing in DMS, Detailing, Guides, Paint Correction, Products, car, care, detail, detailer, guide, products, vehicle
Hello car lovers, your friendly neighbourhood Detailer Dan here.
I’ve been requested to write a how to guide for people that want to look after their car but with premium based products.
Before I start ill just say the products and processes I use will not work for everyone in the world. You really need to use this as a guide and find what works best for you. In saying that, I’m not going to get too technical so you will be able to work out what is what very easily. Some of the products mentioned will be off the shelf variants. All the products I’m mentioning I have had personal experience with. All products are available from any good car product supplier/retailer, my supplier is Car Care Products.
Washing the car is the most regular thing we do in terms of maintaince. There is a lot of info floating around regarding what to use what not to use. There are 3 main principles that if followed will see you washing correctly every time. They are:1. Use two Buckets2. Use PH Neutral Wash3. Use Microfiber cloths
Why 2 Buckets?When you wash the car the dirt from the car gets transferred to your mitt. When you dunk it back into the wash solution that dirt stays in the solution for next time. Effectively what you’re doing is washing your car with dirty water.
When you use 2 buckets one is full of wash solution and the other rinse water. Once you have hosed down the car (preferably with a HP washer) you get your clean mitt and dip it into the wash solution. Using very light pressure wipe the dirty panel using straight lines, not circular motions.
Once you have done say a guard or half the bonnet, dip the mitt into the rinse water and run your fingers through the fibres to help get the dirt out. Squeeze the water out of the mitt.Return the mitt to the wash solution and do the next panel. As always do this in the shade, don’t let the shampoo dry etc. It’s always to go from top down. Personally I do the wheels and tyres last but it’s up to you. I give them a HP rinse before I start and I finish them off by hand. I don’t use wheel cleaners unless they are very very bad and the one I use you can’t buy, however ill still give you some good ones to try.
Product RecommendationsDodo Born to Be Mild

Duragloss Cherry wash Concentrate

Aquatouch Microfiber Wash Mitt

Mint Microfiber Wash Mitt

Once the car is all washed, it’s time to dry. To dry there is no better tool than a Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel (WWDT). I use the extra large towel, which is able to try a whole Land Cruiser or Discovery without being wrung out. You could most likely get away with a large if you wished but in my opinion the XL is the way to go.
To dry using a WWDT is very simple. I fold it into quarters to start. I then dry the windows to help prime the towel. This isn’t necessary when new but after a while (like a year) it will help them dry.When drying the paint again use no pressure and slowly drag the towel across the paintwork. If there are trace amounts of water left flip the towel and give it another light pass over.Once that section of the towel gets saturated turn it inside out and go again.
Product recommendationsMint WWDT
Waxing or Sealing & Polishing
Waxing is a crucial step in the care if your vehicle. It protects the surface from the everyday nasties like bird bombs, tree sap, water deposits etc. It’s also very important to note that waxing and polishing are two very different things. The biggest misconception I come across in detailing is people that don’t understand the difference between waxing and polishing. I can see how they get confused, but here is a rundown of each process and how they are different.
Polishing is used to fix paint defects. Polishes can be either chemical or abrasive. Chemical polishes include things like Swissvax cleaner fluid, Polylack Nano Clean and Zymol HD Cleanse. They chemically clean the surface to remove contaminants and defects. They will not remove swirl marks. For this you need an abrasive polish. For abrasive polishes there are many brands. The best I have used is Menzerna. But the Meguiars professional range is abrasive as is the optimum polishing range. Abrasive polishes need a machine to reach their full potential. Either a random orbital or a rotary. Abrasive polishes have tiny little abrasives suspended in the liquid. This is what does the work, the size and type of abrasive varies depending on the polish you use. The abrasives round the edges of the scratches and swirls so they can no longer be seen. In the case of swirls and fine scratches they are removed. In the case of deep scratches they are always reduced and with the use of wet/dry sand paper can be removed. Menzerna Powergloss has large abrasives which remove large defects but leave the surface full of marring and quite dull. Then there is Menzerna intensive polish this is between the two but on most colours needs to be followed with final finish. This depends on the pad used. Menzerna Final Finish leaves the surface free from defects and with a great depth and shine. Here are some pics so you can see the difference
After powergloss
After Intensive polish
After final finish

Waxing is the last step you do when washing or detailing your car. That is why you may see it referred to as the LSP (last step product). The purpose of waxing is to create a barrier between your paint and the environment. Most waxes contain UV inhibitors to stop the sun damaging the paint. They also repel water which stops your paint getting etchings from watermarks. There are many may different LSPs out there, both natural or synthetic or even a mixture of both.
Natural waxes tend to give more of a warmth and a glow. These waxes range in price starting at around $50 and up to $19000. Brands include Swissvax, Zymol, P21S, Dodo and many many more. These are the boutique brand waxes. You can get off the shelf waxes but I don’t rate them for durability or look personally. If they are working for you then go for it! Natural waxes also tend to bead water. This means the water forms tight little beads that run off very easily. If you have a freshly waxed car and drive it in the rain you will find the water will just run off. The lower end waxes and off the shelf waxes last 3-5 weeks before needing to be reapplied whereas the higher end can last 6-8 weeks.
Synthetic products do not contain wax. They, for the most part contain polymers or acrylic. These are the two main types of sealers. Sealers include Duragloss 105, Zaino Z2 and Z5, Polylack Nano seal, Optimum opti seal, Klasse AIO, Zaino AIO. Sealants start at around $35 for the boutique brands. I have found Zaino to be the best as it can be layered unlimited times but still remains optically perfect if you use Z2. Z5 will not as it has fillers to hide swirling.
Sealants give a different look to wax. It gives a look that is best described as sterile. The paint is shiny but it lacks the warmness and glow of a natural wax. Some sealants like the Klasse make the car look like it has a plastic coating. Some people love this look so leave it others, like myself, don’t and then top it with a natural wax. Synthetics tend to sheet water. The water wont form beads, rather it will just run off in a sheet is the best way to describe it. Sealants leave a very slick and slippery surface. Sealants also last a lot longer than a wax with most giving at least 3 months protection and up to 12 months for layered sealants.
Combination waxes
These have a mix of both natural and synthetic waxes present. These are waxes like Optimum car wax (OCW). They are a good compromise as they give the look of a natural wax and some of the durability of a sealant. Layered OWC can last 3-4 months. Filler waxes These are waxes like Meguiar’s NXT range. They contain things called fillers which fill swirls and scratches. The fillers also mute the metallic in the paint so it won’t pop as much. As the product wears off the defects return. I don’t like filler products as they wear off and the surface looks bad again.
This car has natural wax (Swissol Scuderia ~$200)
This one has Zaino Z2 Pro layered 3 times and topped with Z8

Product Recommendations
PolishingMenzerna Polish kit

Heavy Duty – Menzerna Powergloss (High Cut, very low gloss)

Medium duty – Menzerna P203S (medium to high cut, medium gloss. Follow with PO85RD)

Light duty/High gloss – Menzerna 106FF (same gloss as 85RD but more cut, use on its own)

High Gloss/ Very light duty – Menzerna PO85RD (same gloss as 106FF but very little cut, use after P203S)

WaxDodo Supernatural Paste Wax

Dodo Colour Charged Soft wax
(note: the above link if for Orange crush. Look at the other soft wax’s to pick the best one for your paint type)
Dodo Colour Charged Hard Wax

Dodo Lime Prime

Dodo Lime Prime Lite
SealantDuragloss 105

Duragloss 111

Zaino Z2

Zaino Z5…how_car_polish

Spray HybridsOptimum Car Wax

Duragloss Aquawax.

Not as long lasting as OCW but it’s applied while the car is wet, is the perfect boost to a car sealed in Duragloss 105. It adds a very nice shine and some extra protection and only takes an extra 3 or 4 mins.

Well, I hope this has been informative for some of you! Until next time …

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Mobile Car Detailing Sydney
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If you need your car for a special event, that formal look to impress your clients or just want to resell it for the best price, Mobile Car Detailing Sydney will help you with detailing your cars. We would do all detailing work for all types of cars including your van, truck, personal cars, corporate cars, caravans, buses etc. We will professionally clean and polish the interior and exterior of all cars. We have many options for you to choose from according to your needs and budget.

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It’s what we do best. Super Shine On has become Sydney’s black and dark colour specialist. We understand that polishing a black car and leaving it swirl-free is not easy, in fact, it’s quite a challenge.

This is the desired effect for Prestige cars, wedding cars, hearses, hire cars, luxury vehicles, classic cars, collectables and show cars.

What else do Sydney Mobile Car Detailing do?

Paint correction, over spray and water spots.
Commercial vehicle detailing.
Tradie utes and vans
Detailing of trucks inside and out.
Polishing of all types of vehicles.
Removal of stickers and decals from work vehicles.
Scourer damage.


Car Wax, Car Wash, and Detailing History

1800 – a carriage maker in a German town of Bischofsheim developed a wax based protectant made from animal fats to protect the black lacquer type paint that was applied to horse drawn carriages.

1888 – A small city of Pforzheim, Germany, a man named Friedrich Menzer founded a chemical factory to manufacture fine polishing agents for precious metals and gold. The company produced other materials but had a hard time sell the product.The product thast succeeded was called “Paris Red”, which was considered the best fine polish for gold. Menzer then moved his company to nearby Karlsruhe in 1899. Menzer opened branches in foreign markets starting in 1921.

1925- a factory was build for manufacturing the first Ditzler lacquer for automotive factory finishes. Ditzler Colour Company acquired property at 8000 W. Chicago Ave. in Detroit. Ditzler Colour Company was purchased by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company in 1928, but continued to manufacture products under the Ditzler label as a subsidiary until 1968.

1930 – Hans Anwander produced the first jars of Antikwachs, hand made non-enzyme based wax formulas, in his small Zurich workshop, the workshop was in a carefully controlled environment. Hans developed the wax formulas to protect the family’s priceless collection of antiques and lacquers, Hans then tried it on his private collection of automobiles as well. It showed amazing results. Hans started a family business, after three generations the Anwander family carefully nurtured and refined the waxes into the ultimate standard for automotive care.

In the 1970′s the Anwander family came to the USA from Switzerland, hoping to sell the families wax formulas. Unfortunatly, the American market was only interested in ‘mass production’, it was decided that a modified formula would be sold for production in the USA. These formulas were enzyme based, and were originally distributed by the Turtle Wax Company. The Zymol company was founded in 1980 shortly after.

1936 – Einszett was founded by Werner Saur Sr. in Germany. The company began with the goal of making a quality car polish. Each product has been researched, tested, and manufactured in Germany. Einszett had strict quality guidelines. The product results were to work on; glossy paint, clean trim, and bright metalwork.

1950- Menzerna came under the management of Dr. Walter Burkart. Burkart started researching industrial polishing technology, continuing into the 1960’s came the advent of liquid polish emulsions, which is still the norm in the auto industry. Menzerna adopted this new way of processing. Menzerna applied to it some of the highest standards of quality that the industry has ever seen.

1960 – Another German manufacturer Car-Lack (US known as Klasse) was the first admixing polyethylene to be used instead of wax, Mercedes-Benz dealerships used the Car-Lack sealant, while Jaguar and various other English carmakers (Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Bentley) favoured Autoglym products Meguiar’s was founded in 1901 as a furniture finishes manufacturer and later started to do car waxes.

Between 1960 and 1990 thier was changes to paint reflecting new and better technologies. Waxes and sealers stayed the same through the paint transitions.

1990 – Saw the onset of water-based, oven dried two-stage (colour and clear coat) paint systems. This enabled a innumerable of paint colour options and having perfected the clear coat systems, depth of shine, gloss and clarity were obtained.

2007 – A new type of automotive surface protection system was introduced to the market in the form of wipe-on, walk-away clear sealants. The clear paint sealants are nanotechnology polymer coatings that are highly resistant to acids, detergents, and hard minerals, like calcium.

Now in 2011, no matter what type of vehicle you own, and the type of modifications you do, the auto detailing specialists can car wash, car detail, buff, car wax, and shine anything you own. Call and make a reservation with the Extreme Car Detailing Specialists located in Nashville, Tennessee. Please read the testimonials that our customers have written.

Which Car Alarm is Right for Me?

Which car alarm is right for me?
Car alarms become more and more sophisticated with each passing year. As career thieves grow more accustomed to new car alarm designs and learn to successfully overcome them, then more innovative designs are needed to help maintain a high standard of vehicle security.

Here we take a look at the various alarm types on offer, and help you to decide which type is right for your vehicle.

Door Alarms

These are the oldest, most basic, and cheapest form of car alarm on the market. With door alarms, an array of sensors and switches cause an alert signal to sound whenever one of your car doors opens. With devices as simple and as long-standing as this, you should note that career thieves now have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with this alarm type. However, given the choice between an un-alarmed car and a vehicle fitted with door alarms, you know which vehicle the thief is likely to target!

Shock Sensor Alarms

A more sophisticated alarm type will rely not just on door alarms, but shock sensors too. These are fitted to your vehicle to pick up on any knocks or movement caused to your car. A different alarm is usually emitted depending on the severity of the shock received.

Shock sensors now form the basic hub of most car alarm designs. A higher level of security is achieved here because, rather than only alerting you to an intruder successfully gaining access to your vehicle, you are alerted when someone tries to attempt to access your vehicle, as well as when they try to steal parts from your vehicle, or tries to damage your vehicle in any way.

The only trouble with some of these shock sensor alarms is that they can have trouble differentiating between a genuine threat to your vehicle and a harmless occurrence – a cat jumping up onto your car bonnet for example!

Pressure and Window Sensors

A good car alarm system will also feature pressure and window sensors. Most car thieves want to access your vehicle in the quickest time possible. This means simply smashing one of your windows to gain entry. Window sensor alarms use microphones to detect the sound of breaking glass, alerting you as soon as one of your windows becomes damaged.

Pressure sensors are another method of measuring breaking glass, or a door being opened. A break to a window or the opening of a car door cause the air pressure inside your vehicle to change, and these sensors detect these changes, raising the alarm when changes occur.

No matter what type of car alarm you choose, you will be helping to deter thieves and increase your car’s security. And car alarms can help to bring your insurance costs down too.

Many insurers, from mainstream insurers like Kwik Fit Insurance to smaller specialist car insurance brokers, now offer reduced rates and discounts to car owners who have car alarms and security devices fitted to their vehicles. These alarms usually need to be Thatcham-rated and installed by a certified installer before they will be recognised by an insurer. Do check around the websites first though for helpful information; they allow you to browse a range of car insurance quotes to engage with.

Before you make any expensive alarm purchases, you should first check your existing insurer’s requirements and the availability of reduced rates and discounts, to make sure that you will benefit from reduced insurance costs as a result.

Rejuvenators Detailing Services

To make our menu as simple as possible, our Services are divided into two categories, Individual Detail Packages and Maintenance Plans.

Our Detailing Packages are designed to truly bring out the best in your vehicle. Anyone can wash and vacuum a car, but detailing is an art that requires skill, patience and attention to detail. We bring all three when detailing your vehicle. If you are unsure about what your vehicle needs, feel free to schedule a free General Consultation.

For pricing on exterior or interior only detailing, please call us at 228.284.4474
Interior + Exterior Packages
Level 1 “Refresh”
This is our basic, “express” detail, providing a thorough inside and out cleaning with basic protection. This is a perfect service for a well-maintained car that just needs a light touch-up. This detail includes:

Hand Wash
Glass Cleaning
Interior Wipedown
Interior Dressing
Tire/Wheel Well Dressing
Premium Express Wax

$49 for Cars & $59 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Level 2 “Renew”
This package adds more protection and a more thorough paint cleansing. Suitable for cars in good condition, but have gone a little too long since their last detail. Includes everything in the Level 1 Package plus:

Clay Bar Treatment
Exterior Dressing
Polymer Paint Sealant

$75 for Cars & $89 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Level 3 “Rejuvenation”
This is it, the ultimate package, our namesame. This is pinnacle of car care for those who demand it. This Package is a comprehensive detail that not only cleans and protects, it restores and rejuvenates. Whether you want to sell or trade in your car, or you just want your “baby” to look its best, this package is for you. Includes everything in the Level 2 Package plus:

Engine Detail
Upholstery Cleaning
Fabric Protection
Wheel Polishing
Wheel Sealant
1-Step Polishing
Glass Treatment

$179 for Cars & $219 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks.
Optional Upgrades
2-Step Polishing – $60
Full Paint Rejuvenation – $120

Note: Heavily soiled / neglected cars may require an extra charge.
Ready to book your detail? Call 228.284.4474
Maintenance Plans
Our Maintenance Plans are made for the busy people like you. Whether you’re a high-power executive or an on-the-go soccer mom (or Dad!), you simply don’t have the time or the energy to regularly take care of and clean your vehicle. Even remembering to schedule your vehicle for cleaning is a hassle! Don’t worry, we have designed all aspects of our Maintenance plans to be as simple and effortless as possible, from billing to scheduling. While we’re flattered when you think of us, our goal is to make having a clean, detailed car something you don’t have to think or worry about. If you are unsure about you and your vehicle’s needs, feel free to schedule a General Consultation.

Both of our Maintenance Plans are designed to maintain a vehicle in pristine condition indefinitely. Once the vehicle has been reconditioned, or “Rejuvenated”, the focus is on keeping everything in that condition. It is both easier on your wallet and safer for your vehicles to take this approach rather than to just restore it when it gets bad. With this in mind, we highly recommend having a Level 3 “Rejuvenation” done prior to beginning the plan. This ensures that every surface of your vehicle is as perfect as can be, before we apply our best protectants. This maximizes your investment and allows us to serve you better.

Basic Plan
This Maintenance Plan is suitable for most average drivers. It consists of of a bi-weekly service to provide whatever your vehicle needs, be it polishing out scuffs or cleaning up Spot’s little accident from the family vacation. At minimum, it includes a basic detail equivalent to our Level 1 Detail.

$79–$89 month Cars & Small Trucks/SUVs, Vans & Full-Size Trucks
Executive Plan
This Maintenance Plan is more robust to meet the needs of the most active car users. If you “live out of your car”, this is for you! It is the same level of service as the Basic Plan, but on a weekly basis.

$149–$169 month Cars & Small Trucks/SUVs, Vans & Full-Size Trucks
Ready to book your detail? Call 228.284.4474

Opti-Coat Pro

We are the Gulf Coast’s only Authorized Installer of Opti-Coat Pro from Optimum Polymer Technologies!

What is Opti-Coat Pro?
Opti-Coat Pro is the strongest protection available for a vehicle’s clear coat. Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, aftermarket, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts. It provides permanent protection for all factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.

Opti-Coat is not a wax or sealant like other products on the market. It is a ceramic clear coating very similar to factory type clear coats. A layer of Opti-Coat measures approx. 2 microns in thickness, or about 100 times thicker than your typical wax or sealant. Unlike paint protection sealants such as PTFE, Nano Sealants, GlassPlexin that degrade over time and are easily removed through washing with water or chemicals, Opti-Coat does not degrade and cannot be removed by chemicals such as heavy duty truck wash or even caustic degreasers. It is totally resistant to these chemicals and produces a permanent film that is chemically bonded with the factory paint layers. Opti-Coat is effectively the vehicles new outer clear coat. It is far more resistant to chemical etching than factory clear coats and far more resistant than competing paint protection sealants. The 2 micron layer also provides a thick buffer between any damage and the factory paintwork. Opti-Coat Pro can only be removed by mechanical abrasion, i.e. compounding, polishing or sanding.

The Warranty
Opti-Coat Pro is applied once, and lasts for the entire lifespan of the paint. It comes with a lifetime warranty for new vehicles (application within 12 months of purchase), and a 5 year warranty for vehicles 1-5 years old. Warranty details can be found here.

Getting Opti-Coat Pro Installed
Opti-Coat Pro needs a completely clean surface to bond to. This means a full paint decontamination is needed to remove waxes, oils, silicones and bonded contaminants such as rail dust and overspray. As mentioned, Opti-Coat Pro is a permanent coating. This means that the paint should be in the best visual condition prior to installation. Any scratches, swirls or other imperfections will be trapped unless the coating is mechanically removed.

Therefore, a full paint decontamination and at least one polishing step is required before installation. This is included in The Rejuvenator and Exterior Rejuvenator packages. Basic prep (wash and paint decontamination) can be done separately as well for $95

Our prices for Warrantied Opti-Coat Pro installation are as follows:

$495 for small vehicles (Compact, mid and full-size sedans, convertibles)

$545 for medium (full size wagons, crossovers, compact SUVs, compact trucks)

$595 for large (Vans, full-size trucks, full-size SUVs)

Opti-Coat Pro can also be applied to the entire wheel surface including the inner barrels. Wheels-off installs are $95

Rejuvenators Detailing Services

Auto Detailing
At Rejuvenators, we believe quality is essential to customer satisfaction. Let’s be honest; anyone can wash a car, but only a professional auto detailer can give your car the care it deserves. With this in mind, we extend an invitation for you to experience excellence. Choose from the packaged services below for more details or schedule an appointment online today!

All of our details include the securing and setting aside of your personal items such as loose change, sunglasses, pens and notepads.

Complete Details
Level 1 – Refresh Detail (Starting @ $45 for cars and $60 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is our basic detail, providing a thorough inside and out cleaning with basic interior protection. This is a perfect service for a well-maintained car that just needs a light touch-up. This detail Includes:

Hand Wash – Your car will be hand washed with premium shampoo and soft, no scratch mitts to ensure all dirt, debris, tar, bugs, etc. are safely removed from your car’s surfaces.

Vacuum – Dirt, sand and other debris will be whisked away from your carpeted surfaces.

Glass Cleaning – All interior and exterior glass will be wiped down with a dedicated cleaner and towel to give a streak-free finish.

Interior Wipedown – All interior surfaces (exc. Carpet) will be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Interior Dressing – All interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces will be treated with a water-based dressing that is guaranteed to be non-greasy and not attract dust while leaving a coat of UV protection & low-gloss shine.

Fragrance – Why stop at making your car look good, when it can smell good, too?

Level 2 – Renew Detail (Starting @ $75 for cars and $90 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is a basic detail that adds more protection. A premium carnauba wax and dressing protect your paint and trim from the elements. Includes:

Refresh Detail plus

Polymer Paint Sealant – Provides a deep, wet look to your paint and adds a layer of protection.

Exterior Dressing – All exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces will be treated with a water-based dressing that is guaranteed to be non-greasy and not attract dust while leaving a coat of UV protection & low-gloss shine.

Level 3 – Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $180 for cars and $210 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)
This is our premium package. We provide the ultimate in car care for those who demand it.The Restoration is an advanced detail that not only cleans and protects, but also lightly or fully corrects your paint, removing imperfections. This means your paint will be shiny and smooth as glass. Speaking of glass, it too is polished and protected with a water repellent to make your inclement weather driving safer. To top it off, we seal and protect your wheels from the elements and harmful brake dust, preserving their finish. This is a great detail for those wanting to trade in or sell their car. Includes:

Renew Detail plus

Glass Water Repellant – Allows for clearer viewing in rain and snow by repelling water and filling in micro-pits in your glass that would normally collect water. Also protects against dirt contamination in those pits allowing for a clearer view even in dry weather. At highway speeds, water will bead and sheet off the glass reducing the need for wipers and making driving safer in inclement weather.

Wheel Sealant – One of the strongest forms of protection you can give your wheels. The Wheel Sealant’s micro thin barrier of protection will help prevent the build-up of contamination and other road grime. Brake dust will repeatedly hit the same part of the wheel at very high temperatures, which can cause pitting on your wheels. The Wheel Sealant is particularly good at preventing high temperature brake dust from sizzling on the wheel. It also leaves a great shine on the wheels.

Upholstery Cleaning – All fabric interior surfaces will be treated with a carpet cleaner, scrubbed and dirt extracted to remove most stains and leave your carpet as clean as when you purchased your car. This service also removes dirt and grime from leather and restores the natural oils back into the leather to produce a natural, non-greasy sheen.

Fabric Protection – Everyone knows that accidents happen, so protect your interior from spills!. This product protects against almost all fluid spills by allowing the spill to bead up on top of fabric. This doesn’t affect the fabric’s breathability. This is great for protecting against kids and pets.

Engine Detail – Having your engine detailed will allow your engine to run cooler and improve your fuel efficiency. It will also enable service techs to find leaks easier. This is a perfect add-on for car and the end of their lease or for sale. We thoroughly clean and degrease the engine bay, while taking care to protect sensitive electronics, etc., during the entire process.

Wheel Polishing (if applicable) – We machine polish each wheel to release deeply embedded contaminates like brake dust, fresh tar, road grime, oxidation and more. While cleaning the surface we are also polishing the wheel so it gives off the maximum shine.

1-Step Polish – Removes oxidation and up to 70% of paint imperfections like scratches, scuffs and swirl marks

Advanced Polymer Sealant/Premium Carnauba Wax – This 1-2 combo of scientifically designed and perfected polymer-based sealant and nature’s best Carnauba wax will not only give your paint the best protection we have to offer, but will make it shine like you’ve never seen it before!

2-step Paint Rejuvenation (add $70) – Adding a second polishing step to the process can dramatically increase the amount of defects removed and radically improve the shine and gloss of your paint. Highly recommended for most daily drivers.

Full Paint Rejuvenation (add $140) – For the true automotive connoisseur, this upgrade is a must. We will machine polish your paint in 3 or more steps to fully remove paint imperfections like swirl marks, oxidation and light scratches. The highest level of gloss will be achieved Deep scratches and other heavy imperfections will be removed or lessened. NOTE: Due to the nature of modern car finishes, we cannot guarantee 100% defect removal, as in some instances, it would require a process that would compromise the future integrity of your paint.

Exterior Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $120 for cars and $150 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)

Hand Wash

Exterior Dressing

Glass Water Repellant

Wheel Polish

Wheel Sealant

1-Step Polish

Premium Paint Sealant

Premium Carnauba Wax

2-step Paint Correction (add $60)

Full Paint Correction (add $120)

Interior Rejuvenation Detail (Starting @ $120 for cars and $150 for SUVs, Vans and Trucks)


Interior Wipedown

Glass Cleaning



Upholstery Cleaning

Advanced Leather Restoration (if needed)

Fabric Protection

Add-ons (all prices are starting)
Upholstery Cleaning – $30 for Cars and Compact Trucks, $45 for SUVs, Vans and Full-Size Trucks

Glass Water Repellant – $15

Fabric Protection – $30

Advanced Leather Restoration ($125) – This service is an intense, deep cleaning of your leather. We recommend this for extremely worn or dirty leather. It usually requires a 24 hour treatment time.

Engine Detail – $25

Wheel & Metal Polishing – $45+

Note: Heavily soiled / neglected cars may require an extra charge. Please consult with us for more information

Rejuvenators Detailing References and Testimonials

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say

“As a business owner, it’s important to me that my car stays clean to maintain a professional image in my customers’ eyes. I’ve had my car detailed by a handful of guys over the last few years and not one has come close to the level of quality I get with Rejuvenators for the price. With the other guys, I would notice little things they either forgot to do or did half-way- but Rejuvenators has gotten it right every time so far. It’s one less thing for me to worry about now. It’s been a few months since I first tried him out and now I’m using him for both my car and my wife’s car. As far as I’m concerned, Rejuvenators is the first detailer I’ve been comfortable referring to someone else. I don’t have to check behind him every time like I had to with other companies, he’s thourough and consistent, and he come to me where ever I’m at. What more can I say? Keep up the good work.”

Brian H. of Geekshu LLC in Gulfport, MS

“I just wanted to thank you guys fot the incredible detail job you did on my car. I have never seen anone take the time that you did to bring my 8-year-old car’s shine back to new again. It looks so good that even after a couple of weeks of beeing out in the rain and getting dirty, I hardly recognized it because it still looked so good. As a matter of fact, the other day as I was leaving the bank, I was looking for my car and was shocked to see the shiny, new looking one was mine! It still looked new even under a few weeks of the daily grind!

At that time I started thinking about all the polishing you did over the course of 2 days. I remember thinking, “Are they ever going to finish?”, but you just kept rubbing and polishing until it came out the way you wanted it to. After the first day of polishing for more than 4 hours until dark, you said you needed to come back for “about an hour” to finish tomorrow. Well, the next day came, and you were back at it for another 4 hours! That amounted to 2 people working on my car for 8 hours!

I can’t thank you enough as this was the absolute best detail job that has ever been done on my car. Thank you for all you hard work!”

Linda Locascio, Realtor in Hammond, LA

“Just a note to tell you how pleased my wife is with her car. Tuesday, when she returned to work, she scanned your brochure and sent it out to all her friends at work. We hope it generates some more business for you. I also appreciate the great job you did on her car. I want you to do her Mom’s car as a Mother’s Day gift from us…. ”

Danny L. of Gulfport, MS

“These guys are great! They will come to you to get the job done. They bring all of their own equipment and are friendly and professional. The detail work was great. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks guys!”

Tracy Perry Hair Salon

Mobile Auto Detailing Salem

Many people go to a car wash Salem Oregon to get their cars washed. This is a general cleaning of the car and mostly on the outside. However, those in the know; those that love and care for their cars, will opt for a professional auto detailing Salem OR. A good Salem auto detail is the process of expertly cleaning a car using proper cleaning equipment and implements as well as attending to all parts of the car, including the visible and the hidden parts, both inside and outside the car.

There is professional car detailing services offered in the city of Salem. Residents of this city who wish to enjoy professional car detailing services will benefit from these professional services. Rather than just use soap and water to clean the exterior of the car, it is advisable to detail a car properly so that it maintains its great, impeccable looks and remains as good as new all the time.

The best place to begin in auto detailing is the car’s interior. The first step should be too remove the mats and then give the upholstery and carpeting on the inside some thorough vacuuming. This will prevent the dirt from getting onto the exterior. It may be necessary in some instances to remove stains that may be on the carpets or upholstery. These can be removed using suitable stain removers that are specially designed for car detailing. Floor mats can then be washed and set out to dry. A dressing can be used to clean the mats so they look even better and cleaner.

Some repair work can be done on areas of the interior that are damaged. Talk to us about available treatments for curing worn or torn vinyl and leather areas. Holes or burns on the upholstery or carpets can be repaired too. Ask us for options.

One of the biggest challenges in car detailing in Salem Oregon is cleaning out the dashboard. This special area of the car can be blasted with compressed air so that dirt, dust and particles can be lifted off the dashboard and then cleared away. Glass and plastic gauges will be cleaned using appropriate glass or plastic cleaning detergents. Sometimes there are knobs which will have to be removed so that the areas beneath them are also cleaned. All these are important components necessary for a proper auto detail process. We offer mobile auto detailing in Salem Oregon and can take care of all of your Auto detail needs. No more going to that Salem Car Wash.