What Is Car Detailing?

Full Service Professional Automotive Detailing in it’s most basic terminology is the “systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of your vehicle” What exactly does that mean to you? Well simply put we take every surface of your vehicle and add a process to it so to get it back looking like it did when you first bought it. It’s a long process and a very thorough cleaning. It requires lots of specialized tools and chemicals to do properly. Individual shops and detailers define their own process to get the desired results. Some get it right off the bat others have to keep redefining their process and keep learning. But it’s the process that ultimately becomes the product.

Maintenance Detailing (or Express Detailing) is another form of “detailing” This usually falls under the “Wash Wax and Vac” packages It’s more than a wash usually takes an hour or less to complete and it’s just that… express.. I think it really needs to be noted about the types of vehicle’s that can benefit from this type of service. New or like new vehicles or well maintained or often detailed vehicles are usually the types of vehicles that can really benefit from this type ofservice. It’s not intended to get any stains or scratches out. It’s not meant for cleaning out extremely soiled vehicles either. While you are always free to get this service note that if your vehicle is need of a full service you’re probably not going to be happy with the results of maintenance detailing. The two options of what would happen are either 1 it would take a lot longer to get the service up to any sort of satisfactory condition. Or 2 the time constraints become the key and the service itself is not up to par. So ask as many questions as possible and any detailer out there should steer you in the right direction for your vehicles needs.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that we at Bright Dynamics are here to serve your needs!! You can have as much or as little done as you want. We will make suggestions only, and let You choose the package that works best for you and your budget.

What is Clay barring?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my clay bar service. So I thought I would answer some of them here in this section. If you have a white or silver or any other light colored vehicle it defiantly stands out more. But rest assured ALL vehicles get this. Have you ever looked at your car after a normal washing and seen all of those little “rust” colored flecks all over it? This is what we call Rail Dust. The term originated as the cars would come down the railroad tracks they would be covered in this when they got to their destination. However a lot of different things cause this to happen.

I tried showing a good before and after however due to the auto resizing of the pics it’s rather hard to see all the flecks in the before shot. But basically the only way to get the flecks off is by using a clay bar. (no don’t go grab your kids play dough thinking it’ll work.) A special automotive clay is used and it literally pulls all the contaminates out of the paint leaving behind a nice clean surface for the wax to adhere too.


Automobile detailing is probably the least understood, and yet one of the most valuable maintenance programs for your vehicle.

Unfortunately there is no standard of quality set, no special qualifications, no certification training or special licensing required to be a detailer. Anyone with a buffer and a vacuum can call themselves a detailer. Training, product knowledge and quality standards are up to each individual business owner. Unfortunately for you, most shops just pull a $6.00 an hour young kid off the car wash line, stick a buffer in his hands and tell him to detail your vehicle. At Bright Dynamics Owner, Jake Maxwell, either does or oversees every aspect of the shop’s many services. All of which are Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Is detailing just for coastal areas or the wealthy? Absolutely Not!Michigan is one of the hardest environments on a vehicle, due to our diverse climate. Also, you need to realize that you have a serious investment in your vehicle, even though it may not be an expensive automobile. It probably was to you. Detailing your vehicle and keeping it looking like new protects that investment and also maintains the resale, trade-in or lease return value. Not to mention you’ll enjoy it more and feel better about it.

Automobile dealers have known the benefits of detailing for years. When you see a great looking car, it looks like it has been properly maintained. To a prospective customer, appearance is everything! Even a vehicle with high mileage or mechanical problems that looks good will sell because it still looks like a worthwhile investment. Are you having trouble selling your vehicle? Bright Dynamics may be the answer. In fact, on the average, the resale value may be increased by $1,000 or more! Definitely a worthwhile investment when considering our great low prices.

It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider detailing. But, by that time (usually an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore it to a like-new condition. That’s why we recommend thinking of detailing as a maintenance program the same as changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or rotating the tires. Most people don’t realize that in most cases, it is less expensive to replace the engine than to replace a “factory paint job!” We recommend at least 2 to 5 times a year depending on your driving, car washing habits and the storage of the vehicle. Is it parked inside or outside most of the time? Do you wash it every other day or maybe once a month? How do you wash it? Do you spend so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it’s your home? These are just some of the determining factors Bright Dynamics considers in recommending what maintenance schedule is best for you.

Don’t forget the winter months are the most crucial time to detail due to the rapid changes in temperature, road construction, salt and other elements that are especially hard on your vehicle’s exterior. Not to mention that the Magnesium Chloride they are using on the roads these days is proving to be even more harmful than we thought to the exposed surfaces of your car. Even though “it’s just going to get dirty again anyway,” properly applied wax protection is your only defense! Plus it makes it easier to wash off all that harmful grime.

You may have been told by the dealer, your body shop painter, or read it in your owners manual, that with today’s clear coat finishes your vehicle never needs to be waxed. This is defiantly not the case! All the elements can and will permanently scar the clear coat. Washing and properly applied wax protection is your only defense!

You may have already found that those once a year or the last forever sealants (that you may have purchased with your vehicle) that are loaded with silicones and polymers are not the answer. They also can cause a new clear coat to crack or peel. Some of the newer sealants we use will extend the protection time from a standard wax, but are only recommended on paint at least 1 year old and not more than 3 years old. The length of protection time with both wax and/or a sealant depends on your washing habits.

Spotless Hand Car Wash & Detailing Offers Auto Washing Services

Is your vehicle in need of a impeccable car wash, but you are afraid to go to just any company because they may scratch the paint? If this is your situation, please do not hesitate to turn to Spotless Hand Car Wash & Detailing. We will bring shine to your car without any harm. Our renowned company has been around since 1999 and we are familiar with all the details of the job. As the name suggests we are in the hand car wash business and bringing your car to us will be the safest way to keep the paint of your ride scratch free. There is surely no other contractor in the entire North Brunswick Township NJ area that can match the quality of our auto washing and outstanding auto detailing services.

Come to our facility in the North Brunswick Township NJ area and you will receive a great hand car wash service at an affordable price. We assure you that no abrasive brushes will touch your prized possession. Every part of the process is done manually and that is why our car washing experts are able to clean with great precision. We use a variety of high-quality cleaning products to deliver an immaculate shine. Do not worry, the cleaning detergents that we have at our disposal are very strong and effective, but still environmentally-friendly and kind to your car.

Over the years, Spotless Hand Car Wash & Detailing has gained the trust and respect of countless clients with our flawless services. We have very talented and dedicated personnel. They work with attention to details and deliver the best auto washing service possible. Each of our employees possess vast experience and knowledge in this field of service. Our staff have incredible washing skills and expertise. They know how to properly treat every exterior and interior part of your vehicle. We are guaranteed to make your car shine like it just drove out of the showroom.

Last but not least, you will be amazed to find out that our prices are perhaps the best there are in this industry. Our company believes that every car owner should be able to afford a spotless car wash service. That is why we constantly work toward lowering our prices without sacrificing the quality. When you come to our facility we will deliver outstanding results in a timely manner without upsetting your financial status. We even offer a $2 discount for seniors on Wednesday and for ladies on Thursday.

Do not make the mistake to wasting your time and money on just any car wash. Don’t run the risk of damage to your car. If you are lucky your vehicle may survive the ordeal and you will be able to bring it to us to restore the gleam. If you really want a spotless car wash, trust your vehicle to us and you will not be disappointed. That is a promise!

Trust in our skills and experience like many people do every day. Just come by our car wash and get ready to be amazed! Here at Spotless Hand Car Wash & Detailing, we strive for perfection with every job we take. There is no other company in North Brunswick Township NJ and all the surrounding areas that can deliver the same high quality of service, along with competitive prices.

How to Choose a Detailer

I firmly believe education is the key to making any important decision. Which is why I’ve decided to break down detailing just a bit for you and show you exactly what your money buys when getting your car professionally detailed.

First off many detailers come at you with many different backgrounds. This is very important to know. Because in the detailing world the detailer’s actual skill level is directly related to the price of the service. let me repeat that… You will always pay for the skill level. Every detailer out there offers basically the same package. The goal is to clean your car. Why do some charge $65 for a “full service” and other charge upwards of $600 for the exact same thing? Are they ripping you off? The simple answer is no they are not.

When you see higher prices I would say easily 99% of the time it means the detailer is more versed, more skilled, and has a solid reputation. Reputation is also very key. I’ll side step in note to point out that even though I consider myself highly skilled I couldn’t just pack up and head to say Florida set up shop and demand $600 a detail. No one down there has a clue who I am and I’d be out of business before I even got off the ground. So higher prices also mean they’ve been around this area for awhile and most if not all of their business is probably word of mouth referrals. I’ve found that people with good reputations and great word of mouth referrals rarely have to advertise. Customers seek them out.

So what kind of detailers offer the super cheap rates? Well it’s one of two types really. A new start up (my rates we’re rock bottom when I first started) business just trying to attact customers in the door (or call the phone whichever the case may be) or hack artist that just don’t have a clue and do nothing but try to undercut the competition constantly (more on those guys later) now once the new start up gets going and the reputation for solid work gets out you’ll notice price increases. It’s not uncommon at all to see reputable detailers and detail shop raise their prices yearly. As their skills increase so does the demand to have them work on your car. And we all know about supply and demand.

Once new skills are mastered you get a better service and it’s only right that the detailer be fairly compensated for such. Think if it as getting a raise at your job. We all like them and do better work to get them. Unfortunately the client is the ultimate boss for the detailer and it’s you guys that pay for our services.. So in essence we get out cost of living raises by increasing our skill level and thus our prices. If you guys out there feel your still getting a top notch service for the increase you keep booking. If not the detailer either looses his clientes and has to revamp his services or they end up fading away. Which is why I say high dollar detailers are not out to rip anyone off. If they did that they wouldn’t last long at all.

Now let’s clarify something. Many different people toss around the word detailing with no regards to it’s actual meaning. Which really makes things confusing when you pick up the phone to ask questions. For example I’ll toss this out. I had a younger guy stop in here asking for a job once. We went through the whole ask and answer routine. He makes a bold claim of once getting out over 100 interior details in one day with a 4 person crew. This threw me back a bit so I had to ask. “What do you consider an interior detail?” His reply “Well at our shop an interior is a vacuum and wiping down the dash with armor all.” And of course he thought this was correct because that’s how he was trained. Which got me thinking of all the other mis-conceptions out there about detailing.

I will be fair in the assumption that if I think other people have been taught wrong maybe somewhere along the lines I’ve gotten a few bad lessons as well. So for everybody reading this my definition of “Detailing” is the rejuvenation of your car to a new as possibly can be achieved status. If that’s not the actual meaning then so be I can live with that. I don’t clean a car. I recondition it. And also to be fair I will list the level of detail shops and what can be expected of them.

The Volume Shop-This is what I would say 85-90% of detail shops in this area fall under. Volume shops are just that. All about how many cars they can push out a day. Most of your volume shops will have a decent sized staff and lots and lots of cars out waiting in line. To me this is what I call a “wash boy” shop. 99% of the dealerships are this way. The plus side to volume shops is they are usually a little cheaper and since their only main concern (regardless of other advertising claims) is getting your car back to you quickly so they can get the next one in. If you’re in a time crunch or don’t really want to invest a lot of money into getting your daily driver back into shape a volume shop is for you.

The bad side to this type of shop is they usually lack a lot of key skills. These guys usually work at or just above minimum wage and are more concerned about the paycheck at the end of the week than they are your car. They usually suffer from a lot of “comebacks” meaning dissatisfied customers. They also usually use the cheapest products possible and cut corners at every stage they can. (hey it’s all about the volume, can’t be spending a ton of cash if you’re going through a ton of product.) I know shops that are almost literally spit and shined and out the door. They use whitewall cleaner for cleaning everything and use filler waxes and polishes to get it done quickly. So when you pick your car up it technically “looks” clean. The only problem with using fillers and whitewall cleaner is it’s just a fake shell. once you wash it again the filler wash out revealing all the scratches they filled in.

Whitewall cleaner just strips out everything. So say putting it on leather (which they do) it will dry the crap out of the leather. How do they overcome that? Silicone dressing of course. Makes it’s all slick and shiny. And pending on the surface they put it on very dangerous. They aren’t technically considered “Hack Shops” because they do have some skills and usually can reasonably get your car cleaned up. The lower price justifies the lower skill level. This is where most detailers start their careers. I would consider what these guys do as “half a$$ing your car” yea it’s ok but it could be so much better if only time would allow it. Like I said if it’s a time crunch and money is tight this is usually the shop to look for. It’s ok but far from anything considered “great”

The Perfectionist Shop- This is what I call a real detail shop. I’d say about 3-5% of shops get to fall into this category. These are usually self manned or very few employees. Shops in this category have high skill levels and have been doing this for years. They tend to know the latest trends in Detailing and use a lot of top shelf products in smaller quantities. Almost all of your mobil detailers fall into this category. The downfall to this type of shop is they will gladly sacrifice time for quality. They don’t tend to use fillers and they have no problem tackling anything you bring them. A lot of these type of detailers go into concourse detailing. Meaning ultra high dollar cars or show cars.

They can correct your paint your interior and your chrome to an exacting science. They are artist and treat their craft with the upmost respect. These guys will come at a premium dollar amount and can take up to several days to detail a car properly. But when you get your car back it is reconditioned to like new or better than new specs properly. Even after a proper washing your paint will still shine like it just rolled off the showroom floor. There are very few of these types of shops around and they usually have a very strict clientele already. But if you have the money and you want proper treatment for a high end collector car this is exactly the type of detailer you need to get ahold of.

The Hack Shop- I honestly debated about putting this on here because it’s truely so subjective. I’d say an easy 10% of shops (possibly more) fall into this category. Most “Hack” shops don’t even know they are a hack shop. So I will only list a few ways to tell if your dealing with a hack shop. First off is the price. If you can find someone saying they can do a full detail for $65 that right there should send up just a ton of red flags. A proper detail can take upwards of 8 hours pending on the detail. for $65 that would be just over $8/hr. and take about half of that right out for products and such. And unless he’s doing it in your driveway using your water and your electricity he’ll have overhead.

I mean it’s a business after all and you have to cover your expenses. By the time it’s done he’ll be working for about $2/hr. So the only way to overcome this is by cutting a lot of corners. Not doing a lot of things, and using the cheapest possible products around. These guys are usually the little corner car lot’s detailers and they tend to try and take business away from other detailers by under cutting their price. Unfortunately they do this to a fault at their own expense. It’s really sad to see these guys in action. usually these guys are fly by night detailers, here today gone tomorrow (because they run out of money) Pretty new to the craft, And unfortunately pretty shady. So asking them a question like “how long have you been detailing” Most will lie and list off years of experience. But the real key is if they’ve been working for years why are they still working for $2/hr???

These guys tend to have very little skills most will compound paint and they filler wax it up leaving swirl marks all over the place. They’ll come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they couldn’t get the specific stain that they “guaranteed would come out” out. They make all sorts of promises and deliver on very few of them. ( I personally will never guarantee anything will come out. You just never know how set in something is) Personally I wish these type of guys would exit the field all together. But like I said most don’t even know.

They’ve been taught wrong and firmly believe they what they know is the only correct way. Stay away at all cost. It’s like throwing money in a trash can even if it’s a cheap bargain.

Car Detailing Information

What is detailing?

It is the meticulous cleaning and restoration of your vehicle, both inside and out. By using the most up-to-date chemicals and cleaning methods, we try to provide you with the best service available.

Exterior Wax Package
We start by hand washing the vehicle. Thoroughly cleaning the tires, rims or hub caps. We vacuum the inside of the vehicle including the trunk or tailgate area. The door, trunk, tailgate and hood jambs are washed down. Windows are cleaned in and out.

A polish/cleaner is applied by hand to remove as much dirt as possible. Hard Paste Carnauba Wax is hand-applied. The outside is hand buffed and detailed to remove the polish and wax from around all moldings, insignias, etc. Now the exterior has that hard paste shine and protection.

Interior Cleaning Package
The interior cleaning provides your vehicle with hand shampooing of the mats, carpets, cloth or velour upholstery. If your vehicle has leather or vinyl it will be hand cleaned properly so as not to destroy the seat’s surface.

The dashboard and console will be detailed. This includes ashtrays, radio faceplates and knobs, stick shifts, vents and other small hard to reach areas. Please ask us about leather or vinyl protectant for your seats.

Exterior Wax Only
This exterior service provides the same detailing as our exterior package excluding the vacuuming and the door, hood, trunk or tailgate jambs being wiped down.

Clay Treatment
Automotive clay was designed for clearcoat finishes. Because of clay’s adhesion properties, it is ideal for removing topical problems from a vehicle’s surface. Paint overspray, tree sap or mushroom spores, embedded road dirt or rail/transportation dust are only some of the things that can be removed by this process. On virtually all surfaces that this removal process is done there is no damage to the finish of the vehicle. It will make the vehicle’s surface feel like glass.

Why Do I Perform All Services By Hand?
Hand polishing and waxing is provided for the best protection of your vehicle’s finish. We have found, through experience, that hand application of polish and wax helps eliminate problems such as swirl marks and burnt paint.

We have seen and tested many rug cleaning machines or extractors, but have not found one that provides a good cleaning without leaving the rugs and upholstery saturated with water or cleaner.

Using several different brushes on the interior surfaces of your vehicle, we scrub the dirt away with shampoos and stain lifters, leaving you with clean, dry material.

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Auto Detailing & Hand Washing

Interstate batteries are the longest lasting batteries in the industry. A 2003 industry Junk Bin study proved that in the real world, Interstate Batteries last longer. The average, overall battery life of Johnson Controls Inc. batteries was found to be longer than that of the other top-named manufactures batteries Johnson Controls is the manufacturer of Interstate Batteries.

Interstate batteries has one of the longest pro-rata warranties in the professional installers market with the Interstate (65 months), Mega-Tron (75 month) and Mega-Tron Plus (85 month) lines. Interstates long warranty gives you a competitive edge.

Check your vehicle manual to learn original equipment manufacturer recommendations for the battery’s Group Size, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity requirements for your car or truck.

CCA is critical for good cranking ability while Reserve Capacity is important because it helps to power the vehicle’s electrical system in the event of alternator failure. CCA is the rating that shows the battery’s ability to deliver its rated amps for 30 seconds at 0 degrees F while maintaining an operating level of at least 7.2 volts (1.2 volts per cell). CCA shows the battery’s ability to deliver its rated amps for 30 seconds at 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C.

Reserve Capacity (RC) – RC tells you how many minutes the battery can supply 25 amps of power at 80 degrees F or 27 degrees C without falling below 10.5 volts. In other words, it’s battery “staying power.”

Beware of products that display only ratings like Hot Cranking Amps (HCA) or Cranking Amps (CA).
These products are tested at higher temperatures so the resulting numbers seem higher. Today’s automotive industry’s starting requirements are based on a CCA rating.

Check for freshness.
Learn to read the battery date codes or ask the retailer to check them for you to purchase the freshest battery available. Batteries that sit on the shelf too long without recharge may not provide the performance you’ll need. Freshness – You don’t want to buy an old battery because it may not deliver the power or life its label promises. With Interstate Batteries, we check the batteries on a regular basis so that you’ll always get POWER FAST…BUILT TO LAST!

Check out the battery warranty.
•Do you have to bring it back to the same facility where you purchased the battery?
•How long is the free replacement period?
•After that period, does the warranty work on a straight proration structure?
•Is the warranty nationwide so that you can get service no matter where you’re driving?
Interstate Batteries has an impressive warranty to back its superior products. We offer an 18-month free replacement warranty on all automotive and the most popular commercial batteries we sell.
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Mobile Car Detailing Melbourne Information

Full Detailing
Detailing in summary is the systematic cleansing, perfecting and protecting of all surfaces and areas of your vehicle. It is a service with many intricate stages that can take anything from 1 full day to 1 full week or more to complete depending on the level of service desired, the condition of the vehicle and the needs from the owner. It is a service that completely transforms the condition, appearance and maximises the value of your vehicle ­ as long as the detailer you employ has the passion, skill and vitally the experience necessary. A good detailer is someone who will prepare a car to the very highest level of presentation. No matter what the age of vehicle, modern or classic; detailing can transform it!

Paint Protection
There are many car care products out in the market that claim to protect your car’s paint work. However, not all car products are the same, just as not all cars are the same. Every car will get you from A to B, but as we know there is a big difference between models. Paint protection, car wax, and polishes are no different. They all give some sort of shine, but that’s where the similarities end.Paint Protection is a true Car Paint Protection Coating for all automotive surfaces. Paint Protection is a Ceramic Polymer Resin which has better scratch resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance than any other Car Paint Protection product available from Dealerships and other Paint Protection companies such as Titanium Dioxide, PTFE, Acrylic, Glassglexin and Nanotechnology which we have proven will not withstand continuous washing with anything harsher then a gentle car wash.Paint Protection measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. Compared to other Paint Protection systems, this is more than 100 times thicker with tests showing a dealership Paint Protection Sealant measuring less than 0.02 microns, with our paint protection on your car it will be totally protected from damaging environmental elements such as Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Pollution & Acid Rain, Fading / Oxidization, Ultraviolet Rays & Corrosion.

Leather Protection
Our leather protection service protects the interior of your car against spills and dirt. The leather protection seals the leather surface reducing the chances of stains from rubbing dark coloured clothes against the seats and depending on driving and usage conditions, it can last for up to 12 months. This service is a must for leather interiors! We recommend this service to be executed on a newly purchased car.

Fabric Protection
Fabric protection is a completely safe and long lasting stain protection and release application formulated with an Anti Allergy. Firstly, Fabric protection is designed to protect Fabrics and soft furnishings from stains, grime, dirt and soil build up. Secondly, the Anti-Allergy component binds to the treated textile and provides lasting hygiene and controls the growth of bacteria, Mould and Mildew.
Leather Clean/Condition

Leather surfaces are just like beautiful, delicate skin. Leather must be carefully cleansed before it can be properly conditioned. As leather ages, it loses essential protectants infused into the leather during the manufacturing process. That leaves the leather susceptible to dirt, oils, and UV damage. To keep leather looking and feeling its best, you must clean it at least once in 3 months.

Claying / Clay Bar is a process used to remove paint contaminants on the paint such as bugs, tar, road grime, fallout, tree sap, some paint over spray, and other contaminants that washing cannot remove. The Clay Process actually cleans below the paint surface to remove the contaminants that grip to the paint. Does your car need the clay bar process before a detail? YES! Claying is one of the most important steps in cleaning the paint, and actually cleans the paint better than a wash alone. It cleans deep into scratches and pits and removes deep lodged dirt that may have been there for the life of the vehicle. There is no other way of cleaning a car as thorough as claying.

Paint Correction
Paint correction is a process to remove swirls and scratches from paint work using special polishes of varying abrasiveness by machine. It removes 90% – 100% of swirls, cobwebbing, water marks, bird stains, scratches and restores colour if paint has dulled or faded to leave paint in as new condition, saving on expensive resprays and retaining resale value.

Engine Detailing
A detailed engine can almost be like a work of art. Car designers and engineers often put considerable effort into getting your engine looking as great as the rest of the car, so it’s a shame to leave it covered in dirt, leaves, oil and water spots. We have considerable experience in working in this sensitive area and carry the products to do the job properly.

Car detailing information and how to do it

Rrinse is a ability used to clear the exterior and in many cases, the interior regarding motor vehicles. Whereas the auto describing is the process of an thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing to produce a far better finish of the car. Aside from improving their appearance, detailing helps to preserve the reselling value of the automobile.When choosing

the best option there is destined to be pros and cons in both. When choosing keep in mind these factors: money & time financial savings, work high quality, and beneficial to our environment.For the

nearby car wash, don’t need to have to worry about paying for the water you have. On the other hand, local car clears need enormous investment pertaining to power, commercial land as well as detergents. Additionally, a long type of cars is always waiting to get cleaned in these shops making the automobile owners loose time waiting for long hours for his or her service prospect. Local car wash users think that the process is fast and simple. And rarely realize these are wasting funds as they wait for their vehicle to get cleaned.Mobile

automobile detailing is a lot more popular given it allows you to get a vehicle detailed while you continue to handle your small business. You can be at work, or house while you car is getting vapor cleaned. Selecting saving money since be working while your vehicle will be detailed. Using a mobile explaining service permits you to save time for the reason that technician comes to you, allowing you to continue to do your everyday actions. In addition, it provides expert attention and strong cleaning in which transforms your automobile.Good

automobile maintenance is vital to keep your vehicle looking great and properly functioning. It might easily be accomplished at the carwash facility within the neighborhood. Even so, along with the simple maintenance such as checking tire pressure along with fluid investigations, auto describing franchises can help preserve the outside finish of your vehicle. Community car wipes in the neighbour normally merely do another thing and that is way too clean the outside ofthe vehicle.

In each case, the car looks immaculate soon after the wash. Key words tend to be: Right after your wash! Bear in mind looks are usually deceiving. Community car washes use huge dirty paint brushes that scratch and harm the exterior of your vehicle while leaving swirl marks. The particular paintwork of the automobile cleaned simply by an auto explaining franchise is much better condition than one cleaned by the community car wash the reason being the details technician has gotten proper care of your vehicle paying attention to every little fine detail.Additionally,

carwash outlets consume excessive amounts of water and also this causes polluting of the environment within the neighborhood waterways on account of chemically produced environmentally unfriendly soaps. Many business car flushes aren’t that significant to recycle the washed water even to this right now. Which leads to losing the modern evening customers and also revenues for that local car washunits.

However, the professional auto detailing services lessen pollution by either the treatment of water onsite or working wastewater into the sewer system wherever it is dealt with downstream. In addition, several auto describing franchisees use vapor for detailing cars to save water. Most of all the use of water is to assist preserve the degrading stock with the precious all-natural resources -water.

The majority of franchisees are related to major auto detailing stores with proven brand names which reassure the automobile owners making them feel secure of these investment. Most of them offer friendly to the environment mobile companies right with the location with the cars and present hassle free vehicle detailing pertaining tolow budget.

The quality of the cars exterior while done in a local carwash has a totally different effect on cars paint. The local car wash is harmful to the car’s external finish. Your cleaning as well as detailing prices at these kinds of car wash outlets also are inconsistent. The rate are usually most firmly based on the rushseason

Car detailing businesses have no this kind of concerns to the car owners in the event it come to detrimental the fronts finish. Their units are usually completely self-reliant as well as equipped with the actual ultra-modern gadgets. Using own power and h2o, they offer variety of services, through polishing along with buffing of the vehicle on the outside, to its shampooing as well as glossing the interior components. All the polishes used by these kinds of franchisees are of high quality and tested before actually using them for the cars. They have fully trained professionals which reassures the vehicle owners and offers them a soundpeace of mind.

Invariably, the car operator would prefer the car detailing operation, which is printed, established, and it has a large database of happy customers. What makes most cell detailing franchise companies stand before rest is they offer green detailing want to please your environmentalists as well as the public.

Car show detailing

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I’m sitting here in my little stall at The Armory of Homebush Park looking at the stunning four wheeled supermodels rolling in to the grounds. There’s every size, shape and colour of these German visionary’s works of art coming in and lining up ready for the judging. The weather is overcast and threatening to rain but this doesn’t seem to be hindering any of the entrants from arriving in style today.

I’m at the Porsche Club of NSW’s annual Concours D’Elegance and the competition looks to be fierce today. It’s early yet but there seems to be a great turn out, despite the weather. As I write I’m watching a fully grown man lying flat on the grass, polishing meticulously a probably microscopic mark on his pride and joy. It’s this kind of dedication and commitment that is so enjoyable to watch, from a detailer’s point of view it’s truly great to see.

I’ve just arrived back from getting some breakfast from the good people at West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook Rotary Club who are here to sustain us all for the day. To my right are two lovely blokes from NEVCO with some really impressive trailers, and further up we have Autohaus, and some other exhibitors still to come.
The people are really starting to arrive now, and what is surprising me are all the families and young children in attendance, showing their support and helping out. To my left one young boy no older than 8 is helping his father with one last wipe down of the windows before the judges come to have a look shortly. He looks as proud as anything.

It’s just started to rain now, and I’ve been joined by some of the members who are taking refuge in our marquee. Certainly glad I brought this today! The band has arrived and the good people from Autohaus have given them their marquee so the show will go on, as they say. The rain still hasn’t washed away any good spirits or enthusiasm, only brought out the umbrellas as the entrants go about their final preparations. I’m surprised they don’t make umbrellas for vehicles!

I’ve just done a quick run around and touched up my client’s cars who are in attendance today, much to their wonderful appreciation. I’m not going to lie, I would love to see one of their cars take it out today, but having said that there are some seriously impressive looking cars here, so I’m sure the most deserving will rightly take the title.

The rain is starting to ease now, and the band has started to play. Some accordion music which when coupled with the weather and cars is making the day feel very European! I’ve even just spotted a lady walking two sausage dogs!

Well we officially have a full house here now, and the sun is starting to peak through. I’ve just done a run around to all my client’s cars to take some photos. The sun is really starting to make them all shine and the place looks like a chest of shining jewels.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very great people here today, including one man who grilled me on nano-technology, which really tested my knowledge, and rightly so.

Another gentleman bought a green wash mitt,

only to say that his daughters will probably be back for the pink alternative shortly, with a grin on his face. Sure enough, no more than 10 minutes later two young girls turn up and shyly but surely make the switch and with an approving nod from me, run off back to their father.

The judging is well underway with the official Concours Judges wandering around with their official looking clipboards and serious faces. They have a tough job ahead of them, and I don’t envy their position at all today, all the cars look really amazing. The entrants are never too far away from their babies, keeping a close and watchful eye on anyone coming close, and rightly so! The entrants I have in today’s events are:

Yasmin 996 Carrera – received a pre-show touch up after having a Single Stage earlier in the year.

Bill with a 964 Carrera – this received a Double Stage Enhancement

Alan with a 986 Boxter – receiving a Single Stage Enhancement

Mark with a 968 CS – I didn’t service this leading up to the event, but he is a client.

Mark with a 993 Carrera – This received our top end service, a Paint Correction

Also have Steven’s 993 Turbo S, which must have been too good looking for the camera because none of my photos turned out!

The community feel of this whole event is really what I think I’m enjoying the most. There are about five or six client’s here today, with a dozen or so I’m quite familiar with, and even more again that I’m starting to recognise their faces. The guys at the PCNSW really do a great job of maintaining this friendly but passionate feel to this community, and I’m certainly starting to get the bug, despite the fact that blasphemously I don’t myself own a Porsche … yet! One day. For now I’ll have to settle with the Ute, not as impressive looking but certainly practical.

The sun is out in full force today, and what a complete one-eighty the day has had. People have switched their jumpers and umbrellas for sunnies and caps, but never losing their enthusiasm. I’ve just spoken to Darryl who told me this is one of the best turn outs they’ve had, and I’m just really glad to be a part of it.

Things are starting to wrap up and I’ve been told they are having a really tough time deciding on the Concours winner, having to look at each car over and over and being as picky as hell, which I suppose is what it’s all about. As for the Show and Shine some of the entrants have been judged and have left to enjoy the remainder of their Sunday, while others are busy socialising, having a drink or picnic, and catching up with fellow members, with their Porsche’s soaking up the sun not too far away.

The winners have just been announced, and there was much enthusiasm and excitement. I didn’t know many of them personally, but the crowd definitely gave the impression they were well-deserving winners, so congratulations to everyone.

All in all it’s been a fantastic day, the first of many I think. Thanks to Wayne, Darryl and Rob and all the guys at PCNSW for putting it on, and for inviting me to attend.

Until next time,


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks once again for looking at my blog.

Today’s blog post was a special request from the guys at the VW Watercooled forum.

So to start off let’s cover what failing cleat coat is and what causes it.

Layers of Paint

When a modern car is painted there are three distinct layers of paint:
1. The primer or basecoat. This is the first layer or paint that is sprayed down over the bare metal, plastic or composite body of the car. The colour of this will depend on what colour the final car is going to be but it is almost always either grey, white or black.

2. The colour coat. This, as the name suggests, is the layer of coloured paint which you can see once the car is painted. This varys depending on what colour you, or the previous owner chose for the vehicle. It can either be a solid colour or a metallic colour. If Metallic or Mica then the paint has been mixed with different coloured flakes of metal or natural Mica. There are many different coloured flakes available for example red cars can have gold metallic, such as Mazda’s Copper Red Mica, black cars can have blue flake, such as Ford’s Silhouette and silver cars can have silver flake like VW’s Reflex Silver. The type of flake varys between manufacturer.

3. The clearcoat. The clearcoat is the very top layer of paint on the vehicle. As the name suggests this coat of paint is clear. Clearcoat varys widely between manufacturers. Some, like Honda’s, are sticky which makes them harder to polish, and some like Subaru, are soft, which means they mark easily and some like VW, Audi and Mercedes are very hard due to using a specialist clear called cerramiclear. This means they require special cutting compounds but are very durable and yield a great finish.
It is the clearcoat that you polish, wax or seal and it is the clearcoat that has to deal with all the environmental damage such as bird droppings, jet fuel, industrial fallout and mineral etching.

Why Does Clearcoat Fail?

So now we have an understanding of what clearcoat is we can look at what causes it to fail.

There are three main causes to clearcoat failure:

1. First is impropper paint bonding. This occurs when the clearcoat is layed down incorrectly over the colour coat. The bond between the two is not achieved and as such the clear will slowly begin to bubble and peel from the vehicle. This picture shows the failing clear on the left hand side of the boot lid. The right hand side had a filler wax applied to mask the problem for the owner.

2. The second is removal of too much clearcoat. This often occurs when the vehicle has been agressively buffed a number of times or if the vehicle has been wetsanded by an inexperienced operator. This leaves the clearcoat thin and as such it’s UV blockers are removed and it gives in to the effect of the harsh Australian sun.

Image care of Autogeekonline.net

3. The third is lack of protection. Some people just don’t look after their cars and as such the paint work never saw any wax or sealant. Over time the effects of the environment took their toll and you’re left with a mess that needs to be sprayed to be fixed up.

Slowing Failing Clearcoat

So your clearcoat is failing, what can you do to stop it? Well in short, nothing. Once the process has started it can’t be stopped. You can however attempt to slow it.

If your clear is peeling due to a poor bond with the colour coat or insufficient film build there are a few things you should do:

1 . Always wash and wax or seal from the strong side of the clear to the failing side this will prevent you from getting contaminates and solvents stuck under the failing clear. It will also mean that you do not lift the edge with your cloth or app pad.

2. Use a good quality wax or prefrebly a sealant with both UV-A and UV-B blockers. Examples of these are Duragloss 105 , Zaino Z2 Pro and Nanolex paint sealant. This will restore the UV blocking properties and assist with the slowig down of the clear failing.

There are also a couple of things not to do:

1. Pressure washing. If the jet of the pressure washer hits the failing clear then it cause it to lift, further exasperating problem.

2. Abrasive polish. If the clear is already failing there is no need to help it along by thinning it out further. Even light polishing may make the situation worse so it is best to stay away all together. If you are massively concerned with swirl marks then use a filler polish such as Autoglyms Super Resin Polish or Ultra Deep Shine and top it in Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.

Preventing Clearcoat from Failing

So what if your clear is fine? How can you stop it failing?

1. The main thing to do is always use a quality carnauba wax or a quality synthetic sealant. This will act as a barrier between the environment and your paint. This sacrificial layer will take the force off the bird droppings, jet fuel and mineral etching meaning your clear coat stays in pristine condition.

2. Secondly be wary of who machine polishes your vehicle. A lot of unskilled tradesmen will use agressive cutters that will remove a lot of marks but also a lot of paint. Ensure that anyone that is agressively correcting your vehicle either through machine polishing or wetsanding is experienced as is using a paint thickness gauge (below) to assess how much film build remains between all the steps.

As always feel free to ask any questions or leave comments.