Car Detailing Information

What is detailing?

It is the meticulous cleaning and restoration of your vehicle, both inside and out. By using the most up-to-date chemicals and cleaning methods, we try to provide you with the best service available.

Exterior Wax Package
We start by hand washing the vehicle. Thoroughly cleaning the tires, rims or hub caps. We vacuum the inside of the vehicle including the trunk or tailgate area. The door, trunk, tailgate and hood jambs are washed down. Windows are cleaned in and out.

A polish/cleaner is applied by hand to remove as much dirt as possible. Hard Paste Carnauba Wax is hand-applied. The outside is hand buffed and detailed to remove the polish and wax from around all moldings, insignias, etc. Now the exterior has that hard paste shine and protection.

Interior Cleaning Package
The interior cleaning provides your vehicle with hand shampooing of the mats, carpets, cloth or velour upholstery. If your vehicle has leather or vinyl it will be hand cleaned properly so as not to destroy the seat’s surface.

The dashboard and console will be detailed. This includes ashtrays, radio faceplates and knobs, stick shifts, vents and other small hard to reach areas. Please ask us about leather or vinyl protectant for your seats.

Exterior Wax Only
This exterior service provides the same detailing as our exterior package excluding the vacuuming and the door, hood, trunk or tailgate jambs being wiped down.

Clay Treatment
Automotive clay was designed for clearcoat finishes. Because of clay’s adhesion properties, it is ideal for removing topical problems from a vehicle’s surface. Paint overspray, tree sap or mushroom spores, embedded road dirt or rail/transportation dust are only some of the things that can be removed by this process. On virtually all surfaces that this removal process is done there is no damage to the finish of the vehicle. It will make the vehicle’s surface feel like glass.

Why Do I Perform All Services By Hand?
Hand polishing and waxing is provided for the best protection of your vehicle’s finish. We have found, through experience, that hand application of polish and wax helps eliminate problems such as swirl marks and burnt paint.

We have seen and tested many rug cleaning machines or extractors, but have not found one that provides a good cleaning without leaving the rugs and upholstery saturated with water or cleaner.

Using several different brushes on the interior surfaces of your vehicle, we scrub the dirt away with shampoos and stain lifters, leaving you with clean, dry material.